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  • Huge Size: Measuring 900mm × 300mm, it’s one of the biggest gaming mats on the market. Fits both keyboard and mouse.
  • Ultra-Smooth Cloth: Tightly woven cloth makes for comfortable, silky-smooth feel and ensures every little mouse movement gets picked up. Perfect for gaming!
  • Thick Rubber Base: 3mm-thick natural rubber base keeps gamer’s wrist comfortable and safe.
  • Slip-Proof: Rubber base stamped with tested stabilizing pattern to keep the pad secure and anchored during use.
  • Made to Last: Seamed on all four sides for maximum durability.
DPI 1000 Precision: Precise, quick and smooth cursor movement for pinpoint accuracy. Ergonomic Design: Use comfortably for long periods of time without any cramps or aches. A soft outer surface provides even more comfort. 3+ Year Lifespan: At least 3 million clicks per button, 300 thousand for the mouse wheel. Easy-to-Install: No drivers or programs required. Just plug it in and start using. Additional Features: A durable 1.6m cable to extend your reach, and LED lights that can change color while working look great.