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  • Huge Size: Measuring 900mm × 300mm, it’s one of the biggest gaming mats on the market. Fits both keyboard and mouse.
  • Ultra-Smooth Cloth: Tightly woven cloth makes for comfortable, silky-smooth feel and ensures every little mouse movement gets picked up. Perfect for gaming!
  • Thick Rubber Base: 3mm-thick natural rubber base keeps gamer’s wrist comfortable and safe.
  • Slip-Proof: Rubber base stamped with tested stabilizing pattern to keep the pad secure and anchored during use.
  • Made to Last: Seamed on all four sides for maximum durability.
DPI 1000 Precision: Precise, quick and smooth cursor movement for pinpoint accuracy. Ergonomic Design: Use comfortably for long periods of time without any cramps or aches. A soft outer surface provides even more comfort. 3+ Year Lifespan: At least 3 million clicks per button, 300 thousand for the mouse wheel. Easy-to-Install: No drivers or programs required. Just plug it in and start using. Additional Features: A durable 1.6m cable to extend your reach, and LED lights that can change color while working look great.
Being compact and lightweight, a Bluetooth keyboard with well-spaced keys, which turns your iPad Air 1 or 2017iPad(5th generation) to a laptop in seconds.

The intelligent magnetic switch design allows the keyboard power on once you lock the iPad in upright position, and it will instantly power off when you separate them.

Rechargeable lithium battery with an industry-high capacity make the keyboard stay for up to 90 days and only needs 2-3 hours

Comfortable workspace and suitable angle can greatly improves your typing experience and provides you versatile viewing angle for entertaining.

Package Contents: Inateck wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case, USB charging cable, User manual.