Tomons Aroma Diffuser Wooden Design AD2001

  • PLEASANT INDOOR CLIMATE: Using this air moistening device, dried up skin and irritated mucosae are a thing of the past
  • MODERN AROMA DISPENSER: When adding aetheric aromatic oils, this diffuser freshens up the indoor environment for up to a whole day with your favourite aroma
  • EYE-PLEASING DECORATION: Due to its organic design and an elegant material arrangement, this dispenser fit almost all decorative styles
  • CUSTOMIZABLE COLORS: Set a calming mood perfect for unwinding, relaxing, and sleeping with 6 vivid colors to choose from (or cycle through all colors): cyan, yellow, green, blue, violet, red
  • BUILT-IN PROTECTION: To avoid damage, a short warning signal is played when the water tank is empty, followed by an automatic power-down of the device
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Bring your own wellness-oasis to your home, to moisten and flavour up the air using natural means. The aroma dispenser from Inateck condeses water with the help of ultrasound to moisten the environment, so that heat is not produced.

Healthy indoor climate

Especially in the cold season, when the radiators are heating up, indoor air tends to be extremely dry. Thus, discomforts like irritated or dry mucosae are common at these times. Using the dispenser from Inateck, you can say good-bye to dry air, due to a pleasant indoor climate and clean air being available upon pressing a button.

Aromatic therapy at home

When adding fragrant oil to the dispensing unit, the favourite aroma will be spread evenly throughout the room for up to four hours, thanks to the innovative ultrasonic condensator dispensor technology. Therefore, you will be able to improve your well-being and mood by simply adding aetheric substances of your choice.

Atmospheric lighting in six colours

By choosing a special background lighting, you can further enhance the aromatic therapy at home experience. Freely choose from between six colours the one which emphasises the fragrance and enjoy the effects.

Protection from overheating

When the water level within the tank reaches a critical low, a signal tone will sound. To avoid any damaged due to overheating, the device will then power down automatically.


Dimensions: ⌀ 11,6 cm x 15,1 cm height
Weight: 514,8 g
Length of the power cord: 150 cm
Power supply: AC100-240V 50/60Hz (Input)/ DC24V 500mA (Output)
Power consumption: 9 Watt
Water tank capacity: 150 ml
Material: Smoked glass, wood, PP (plastic)

Package content

1x dispenser, 1x power supply unit, 1x measuring cup, manual