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Bluetooth Keyboard
Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple products (English)

4.625 5

Model: BK1002E

  • Colour:
  • Size:
    285 x 120 x 18mm / 11.23 x 4.73 x 0.71in
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Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Technology

Using the American broadcom bluetooth 3.0 chip, transfer up to 24 Mb/s 8 times more than the Bluetooth 2.0 standard, highspeed connection and signal distance up to 10m.

Long standby and operating hours

Operating hours over 60 days with two R9 batteries (AAA), carefree operation.

For Apple products, in white polish optic

iPad Mini or iPad Air become a “MacBook”, comfortable and quick typing with a viewing angle of up to 120°.


Optimized low-noise keyboard

Good and sturdy embedding and suspension, very good key stroke, low audible background noise, dust repellent.


● A Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
● A Manual

Compatibility with operating systems

Complete compatibility to MacOS/iOS, Android and Windows, emulated human machine interface, high rate of compatibility.


Ok keyboard, not perfect

Ivan Olejnik write in

Bought the keyboard few weeks ago.Typing is reasonably light, the keyboard is solid, light enough to carry with in a laptop bag.Bad things are that firsty it disconnects itself even in the middle of typing, if you pause for a while, it disconnects again and it takes sometimes three hits to a (any) key to connect again. Also the key layout is different to the one on my original Mac keyboard, some function keys are not working, ECS key is accessible only through pressing Fn key which could be a bit annoying if you use Esc a lot like I do when working.Would I recommend the product? I don't think so. But if you don't mind the flaws and want it for non-professional use, go for it. It's cheap enough.



Amazon Customer write in

Purchased for my daughter in order for her to use the keyboard with her iphone. She is happy but said it was difficult to programme.


Works and feels exceptionally well

Trollinho write in

This is a very high quality keyboard, that feels like a apple branded product. Its light, satisfyingly small and seems durable.Firstly, the pairing process is very simple, once you insert 2 AAA batteries, and power it on, you just have to press the connect button, and select the keyboard in the Bluetooth menu of your device. This simple process highlights the simplicity of the keyboard.Apart from all the keyboard keys, there is only a power on/off switch and a connect button. That is it. For me this is perfect, no other options are required.It works very well as a keyboard, the keys feel great, the spacing between keys is also very good and this keyboard resembles an apple keyboard exceptionally well. It performs perfectly with the iPad air 2. The key response is instant in most cases, there is a bit of delay or lag sometimes but it is very small and happens very rarely.I had no connectivity issues so far, the keyboard has always worked as I expected and it makes my iPad feel like a laptop magnificently well.The angle at which it is tilted works very well for me, I also love the rubber pads, they add so much stability when you place the keyboard on any surface and this really makes the keyboard feel like any high end product.The only problem I have is that you do need to have 2 spare AAA batteries laying around in order to use the keyboard, it just adds to the running costs of the keyboard as the manual suggests that they will last for 60 days, and it creates an additional problem. If it had a rechargeable battery, this keyboard would be absolutely perfect, but apart from that it is still exceptional.Overall, this is an amazing keyboard, that I would recommend particularly for an iPad air 2. There is no point buying an apple branded keyboard, because the biggest difference between this and an apple keyboard for a iPad is the price.I received a free or discounted sample of this product in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.


a very nice Apple style keyboard that works great on Windows and Android as well

Amazon Customer write in

Video review: I was offered a Bluetooth dongle and keyboard to review by Inateck and I jumped at the chance. This was my third brand of dongle and the first one to install itself with no fuss at all. It showed up immediately and I was able to pair the keyboard in a few simple clicks, as shown in the video review. The keyboard itself is an apple style and looks great. I think it is aluminum, but of course it might be just really good silver plastic. Seems very sturdy at any rate. The keys are exactly like those on an Apple keyboard with a nice soft spring and positive feel. You can hear them type on the video and you hear them compared with a real keyboard, which is much clickier. I also paired this keyboard with my Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone and it worked just fine. Pairing is quick and painless, and pairing to another device equally quick and painless. The process is so smooth that I see no reason why the keyboard cannot be shared. I certainly would not try that with some older devices that seemed to take forever to pair up. All in all, I am very satisfied with the keyboard's feel and performance. It takes two AAA batteries and since it has an off switch, these could easily last for a very long time. I have tried several dongles and they all crapped out my computer, presumably for incompatibility reasons. Bluetooth is an unfortunately touchy technology as the drivers have really sucked for a lot of years. So I was quite surprised when the dongle just worked. Fully integrated itself into WIndows 8.1 and allowed my to pair up an Inateck keyboard (great little item as well, Apple style but works just great on Windows and on my Android Galaxy S4), my Android phone, and my Avantree Bluetooth Headset. I tested the headset for music using RDIO and for calls using Skype. Worked fine. I have to say that the dongle has surpassed my expectations. Inexpensive, fast, reliable.


Sleek little Apple look a like.

CrossXBones write in

Speedy delivery. Sleek little Apple look a like.

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