Bluetooth Mini HiFi Speaker

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Score : 4.8   ( 9 Customer Reviews )
  • StandardBluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Distance10M
  • Weight340g
  • Size165x45x60mm
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  • BTSP-10 Bluetooth Mini HiFi Speaker  1
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BTSP-10 Bluetooth Mini HiFi Speaker
USB 3.o Hub with Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter


Compact Design

This Bluetooth speaker box measures 165mm x 60mm x 45mm, the weight amounts to 375g respectively. Therefore, this gadget is easily portable and can conveniently be carried to other places to your liking, even transported in your bag or backpack. This speaker also puts an end to any trouble from cable connections.

Convincing Sound Performance for Broadcasting Media Sounds

Playback volume reaches 88dB, the two 1.5“ dual channel speakers create the impression of 3D surround sounds, rendering the sound experience even more impressive. You can pair this device conveniently to any playback device supporting Bluetooth, like iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch or other devices, to share music, film sounds, game sounds or phone calls – this all can be achieved using this gadget which fits in the palm of a hand.

Mobile Conferences

This Bluetooth speaker features a high-performing microphone, which allows you to conduct clear voice phone calls or conferences at any place of your choosing – be it the office, in the car or at home. At the same time, this gadget is an ideal choice for communication and media sharing through applications like iChat or Skype.


● A BTSP-10
● A USB Changing Cable
● A 3.5mm Audio Cable
● A Manual
● A Carrying Bag

Precision and Quality

The front panel is designed using a innovative honeycomb structure, the hexagonal function buttons are sensitive to your touch and integrate themselves seamlessly into the device. The rubber surface was treated using a well-tested german application method, it feels soft and fine to the touch.


Celticprincess "What you send out, comes back...

As soon as the box arrived I had the impression of a quality product inside. Whilst the packaging of a product isn’t that important, I do think its usually a good indication of the build quality of what you have purchased and once I got inside the box I wasn’t disappointed. The speaker was well protected by dark foam padding and therefore was in perfect condition when I took it out. Its surprisingly compact but very well made. The first thing my man said when he saw it was that it looked like a bullet (lol) albeit a large one! and I guess it does, but its cute shape means its easy to place almost anywhere and it will look good. Its just under 3 inches high.I wondered if it would come pre-charged so I switched it on almost immediately out of the box to see if any lights lit to indicate there was already power. There was, which pleased me as I now didn’t have to wait to hear it working. The first device I connected it to via Bluetooth was my iPhone 5 and it was easy, I merely had to pair the both of them. I was very surprised at the quality of the sound on account of the smallness of the unit, its quite powerful and very clear. No noise distortion at all. I played a full album whilst cooking that first day I had it and it became invaluable to me from that first use. Because its compact, its so portable! Later in the week it was outside on my patio table as I listened to the radio whilst chilling and most evenings i’ve used it for 20 minutes as I read a chapter of an audio book. I loved using this speaker with my audio books, turn it on, listen and relax. Perfect.Its jet black and comes complete with a built in lithium ion battery and a USB charging cable which I used to charge it via the keyboard USB port on my iMac. It took about 3 hours to fully charge when it needed charging. The included instruction booklet tells you all you need to know, but its so easy to set up I doubt you’d need it, I didn’t really.It also comes with a 3.5mm Audio Cable which my hubby used to connect his older iPod as his doesn’t have Bluetooth, so you can use this with the audio cable if a device of yours doesn’t have Bluetooth. He has borrowed it several times now and I’m quite sure he’ll try to pinch it at some stage. I’ve used it with my iPhone and my iPad and its great with both. He’s used it with his older iPod. Its cute, well constructed in what appears to be a very durable material and I’m sure it will stand up to going on its travels with me when we take it out on picnics and such. Its a great little speaker that gives out more power and sound than you imagine and I am wholly delighted with it! I am happy to recommend this to friends and family and all Amazon viewers out there. I would not like to be without it now that I have it. I’m using it every day.I’m not sure you could get a better quality speaker out there for this price! I think this speaker looks more expensive than you will pay and sounds like it cost a lot more and I am comparing it to my Bose Bluetooth speaker which cost considerably more. This is actually more portable and easier to take out for the day as its smaller. It also looks very nice on my coffee table when I am laid on sofa listening to audio books.An all round winner!10/10 for Presentation, Build Quality, Sound Quality, Portability, Good Looks and Price.RECOMMENDED.NOTE: I was contacted directly and was sent this product for free. I was asked to use it fully and to write an honest, unbiased review. My being given a free item in no way influenced my review of this product.Comment

R. Supward "LPF"

Inateck Bluetooth SpeakerThis was going to be a video review, my first actually but it would appear that my software isn't too fond of Windows 8.1 so it's back to a written one while I search for another piece of kit. Anyway, to the speaker:In the box: 1 Mini Speaker/Economical, 1 3.5mm cable to connect a non Bluetooth device, 1 Mini USB lead, 1 Instruction manual.It's important that you don't throw the packaging away just yet as, tucked into the gap in the underside of the packaging, you'll find your cables. The speaker itself is quite small but you'll know that already because you'll have read the description from the vendor, right?Taking the speaker, if you turn it around so that you're looking at the company insignia, you'll also have spotted the connector for the mini USB as well as the input for your 3.5mm cable to connect your non Bluetooth speaker. Turning it around further, you'll find the on/off switch and further around from that, there is the volume +/-. Just to the right of that is the charging light.Having made sure that it was fully charged, I took it for a test run. It connected to my tablet really easily. You just make your chosen device 'discoverable' and your speaker will find it with no problems. It will make a sound when you turn it on, I've heard a lot worse in other speakers and found this one very acceptable.The songs that I find spot on for testing all Bluetooth speakers are:Army Dreamers.Kate BushI'll Find My Way Home. Jon & VangelisGaye. Clifford T. WardI'm Yours. Jason MrazThe Beautiful Changes. Julie CovingtonDance with My Father. Luther VandrossYou'll have your own preferences but I have to say that the speaker performed extemely well in every aspect with those tunes. The vocals were clear and crisp, the bass was deep and warm. Both at low volumes and high there was nothing I could fault. No distortion whatsoever at high volume, with no loss of clarity when lowered.In addition to this, the speaker can also be used as a hands free phone should you get a call while listening. If you don't wish to answer the call, you can reject it with one long push on the speakers' 'answer button'. In this respect the speaker performed exceptionally well with nice clear voices and a well placed, more than adequate built in microphone.I have also played both classical music (Panufnik, Mozart and Schubert) and audio books. Once again, there was nothing to dislike with the sound quality and I could easily listen to audio books for lengthy periods thanks to the clarity..So, a great little addition to anyone's home. This speaker does what it's meant to do and it does it brilliantly. There are more expensive as well as cheaper speakers out there but this isn't 'just' a mid-priced one, it will fill your room with rich sound that's a pleasure to listen to, even for long periods. Even my partner who never pays attention to music asked 'Is that just that speaker?' Speaks for itself I guess. Excellent work, Inateck, it'll be hard to surpass this one. I'd recommend it to anyone as either a gift for someone, or a gift to yourself.

Nick Stubbs "Professional Photographer and Vi...

Even though I was sent this speaker free of charge by Inatek to review for my site, please know that I only spend time reviewing things that either I like or that I think my readers will like...everything else doesn't get a look in.With that said, the fact that it made it onto my site says it must be good.It has a small form factor but it is reassuringly heavy for its me that means build quality, especially for a small speaker. I love music and sound systems so I am always a little dubious about these small form factor speakers as they can sometimes sound quite "tinny".This portable speaker ramps up the quality of sound from any mobile phone or tablet out there and makes music on the go a pleasure and highly portable.The controls are a piece of cake to use, charging the device is easy and it seems to last a fair while on one charge.Best bits:Small, portable and well built. You can use this as a speaker for normal telephone calls (it has a tiny built in microphone) from your Smartphone and conference calls as it will interrupt music to accept calls and then start playing again once the call is over. Easy to charge using a USB cable and you can either connect via Bluetooth or the supplied auxilliary cable. It is also great value for money.Worst bits:Base could be a little deeper but to be honest, it has a nice, warm bass to it and I have been spoilt by slightly larger speakers costing more than 10x as much!Recommended!I would definitely recommend this speaker for a host of activities such as small gatherings, camping/beach holidays, work, fishing, reading in a park and basically anywhere you want music but don't want it too loud or have to carry a much larger speaker with you.For the price, it would make a great gift (to yourself even) for birthdays, Thanksgiving or Christmas etc (great stocking filler for this price). You can check out my full review at

Mr. Ben 'Goatboy' Waters "GoatboyBen"

This is the best bluetooth speaker I've ever had! But a few people have asked me "Is it a Bluetooth music speaker, or a Bluetooth coms device?" It's a more relevant question than some think.A Bluetooth music speaker will have been made and tuned specifically to give the user the best sound quality it can for music, while a Bluetooth coms device is made and tuned specifically for playing and transmitting the human voice.The answer for the Ultra Mini is BOTH!Firstly let's concentrate on its communication abilities. When your phone or tablet is paired with this speaker, it will play whatever ringtone you have set. To answer the call you simply press the multifunction button.Voices sound full and immediate, never tinny or thin, and there's a satisfying weight to the sound. Everyone I have spoken to using this speaker as a hands-free desktop or Park bench device have all said that I sounded clear as a bell, with no distance to my voice at all! Not bad at all.And now secondly, as a speaker: The sound the Mini Ultra makes when you turn it on tells you everything you need to know about this bad boy, as boy is it a Wolf in sheeps clothing, and it really has bite! I was never expecting such depth or musicality of bass for a speaker smaller than a tennis ball, but when you pump up the volume, it's game set and match to this Inateck winner, as it sounds even better and doesn't distort unless the quality of the mp3 has clipping in the recording. That's how good it is, it shows up flaws in lossless format files!it's also worth keeping in mind that it sounds just as good wireless as it does when using the supplied 3.5mm audio cable to connect it to any headphone out socket.This speaker will not only fill a room in a warm rich sound, it will do so with attack and dynamics that should be impossible considering its size and speaker cone configuration. The sound has depth and yet has plenty of headroom for those cymbals and other transients, which are handled with aplomb.I honestly never knew a USB rechargeable portable bluetooth speaker like this could not only produce a great sound, whatever you are using it for, but to also do it looking so sophisticated and stylish too.Guaranteed, whip this out of your pocket, bag or backpack, pair it up (easy peasy) your mobile phone/bluetooth mp3 player/tablet and even laptop, unleash the music, and everyone who's present will have a dropped jaw, for real. This is great for a group of friends to listen to tunes while hanging out, or playing music on the move. I take mine everywhere, and the fact it pauses the playing track to let me answer an incoming call, and then continue from where it left off when the call is finished is brilliant. Also, just Connect your phone or tablet via wifi to Internet radio with this beauty of a speaker plugged in or connected via Bluetooth, and hey presto you have yourself a DAB system that sounds just as good, if not BETTER, than most DAB radio's available these days, but at a fraction of the cost! This is a 10 out of 10 gadget that should be on everyone's Xmas list!


Exellent piece of kit well packaged and very nice to look at, it took less than 1 minute to finish setting up with all my gear in fact it was completely flawless in every aspect, admitidly l did have my doubts with what l paid and what l might recieve but no shocks on arrival more like wow did l really just pay £12.99 for all this, don't believe me just get one and find out for yourself well done inateck l will be watching out for you in the future

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