Bluetooth Mini HiFi Speaker

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Score : 4.8   ( 16 Customer Reviews )
  • StandardBluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Distance10M
  • Weight340g
  • Size165x45x60mm
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BTSP-10 Bluetooth Mini HiFi Speaker
Stereo Bluetooth Portable Speaker for ipad Tablets Smartphones with Stand


Compact Design

This Bluetooth speaker box measures 165mm x 60mm x 45mm, the weight amounts to 375g respectively. Therefore, this gadget is easily portable and can conveniently be carried to other places to your liking, even transported in your bag or backpack. This speaker also puts an end to any trouble from cable connections.

Convincing Sound Performance for Broadcasting Media Sounds

Playback volume reaches 88dB, the two 1.5“ dual channel speakers create the impression of 3D surround sounds, rendering the sound experience even more impressive. You can pair this device conveniently to any playback device supporting Bluetooth, like iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch or other devices, to share music, film sounds, game sounds or phone calls – this all can be achieved using this gadget which fits in the palm of a hand.

Mobile Conferences

This Bluetooth speaker features a high-performing microphone, which allows you to conduct clear voice phone calls or conferences at any place of your choosing – be it the office, in the car or at home. At the same time, this gadget is an ideal choice for communication and media sharing through applications like iChat or Skype.


● A BTSP-10
● A USB Changing Cable
● A 3.5mm Audio Cable
● A Manual
● A Carrying Bag

Precision and Quality

The front panel is designed using a innovative honeycomb structure, the hexagonal function buttons are sensitive to your touch and integrate themselves seamlessly into the device. The rubber surface was treated using a well-tested german application method, it feels soft and fine to the touch.


Al Valentyn

The packaging is surprisingly minimalist, and although black reminds me a lot of Apple. You get a small black box with the Inateck logo on it, and tiny musical note visible on it. It's a sturdy and strong thick cardboard, and inside you'll find the speaker itself, a flat 3.5mm audio cable, mini USB cable, and a traveling bag for the speaker.The packaging oozed quality device, and the speaker was seated in thick heavy foam for protection.It can take 3-3.5 hours to fully charge,during which the power button on the side will glue red. Although depending on use I've gotten an average of between 6.5-8 hours of use out of it. This is while having it constantly connected with my computer.The speaker itself has an interesting Honey comb designed front where the speakers are located, and the device has a rubberised plastic shell, with four pads not the bottom to stand on. The device is well made, and feels good in the hand as well with the Matte rubberised shell fitting in rather well.On top are three buttons, 1 for Bluetooth, and the two volume buttons. On the right is the Auxiliary 3.5mm audio jack on/of button, and the mini USB port.On the front onto of one of the speakers is the Inateck logo, and a singular LED which light Blue when connected, and red when not.I've tested the device on my 5.1 Mac Pro, and iPhone. It's connected instantly and worked as soon as you start playing something.The speakers in it are surprisingly powerful, with music being clear and well audible. It's certainly a lot louder than it looks when ran close to full volume.The bass cannot match dedicated powered speakers, but that's to be expected. having used it extensively for music, and movies I simply cannot fault it for sound quality.The only issues I have encountered are on my Mac Pro. I have had signal drops, disconnects, and stutter during playback when connected via Bluetooth.Although this is entirely not fault of the the Inateck Speakers in anyway, and is entirely due to USB3.0 interference over the bluetooth band. Intel has released a white paper documenting the issue, and it seems that when I unplug my USB3.0 devices the issue is immediately eliminated.I've used the speaker near daily, and almost constantly through Bluetooth. Let me just say again that they are a pleasure to use.I would highly recommend these to anyone that is looking for a decent high quality bluetooth speaker for either their computer or mobile devices.

Derk "Bookman"

I use this mostly to listen to audio books stored on my Nokia 1020. And it's fabulous! Great connectivity, no dropout with bluetooth, and a lovely sound. It's loud enough for any ordinary sized room and looks and feels really sturdy. Also the four rubber feet keep it rock steady. I was thinking of buying a Bose but went for this at a fraction of the cost and am really pleased I did. I have nothing but praise for it. The battery lasts and lasts - link it to a charger and the green light will tell you it's fully charged (just leave it overnight or do it while you're listening). The on/off button and charging socket on the right side are nicely placed. And unlike one of the other reviewers I find the couple of beeps it gives when it's connecting very reassuring - how can anyone dislike two short beeps! The matt black case has a lovely feel to it and doesn't look like it will damage easily. Oh, and music sounds great on it as well. What's not to like!

Ian Hawkes

DesignThe Inateck BTSP-10 has one of the coolest looking and most sleek design schemes that I've ever seen, It comes in a simple and elegant black box.The black honeycomb design immediately caught my eye and the manufacturer's logo is presented in its own honeycomb, which is blue.All buttons also have blue labels. An LED on the front indicates the current status of the device (Green = charged, Red = loading, Blue = Bluetooth connection, etc.). There is a power on/off slider, AUX input and USB charging port on the side of the speaker. At the very top is the Bluetooth button and the volume up/down buttons. The designers also equipped the bottom of the speaker with rubber feet to help isolate vibrations to reduce movement caused by heavy bass.SetupPairing with Bluetooth devices is very fast. Simply press the Bluetooth button for 6 seconds to select the speaker on the iPhone, iPad or Macbook and possibly enter the PIN (0000). Done. Immediately the speaker is connected to your Bluetooth device.Audio QualityPersonally speaking, the sound is absolute what really matters most to me. This is the best-sounding portable Bluetooth speaker I've ever heard. Full Stop. It is like magic what comes out of this thing. Take it to the beach or a public park and watch people freak out at how much deep, rich sound comes out of such a small object.The speaker was most impressive in the mid & tremble range, playing multi-layered music with lots of different vocals very clearly which you would never expect from such a small device.ConclusionTo be honest, with this price range it's impossible for you to get the subwoofer-level pow, but this one still does the trick.


Length:: 3:58 MinsAnother top quality product from Inateck. This speaker surpassed my expectations and I find it really attractive to look at (maybe because it reminds me of a honeycomb). Sound quality is exceptional, warm tones, good bass, very decent range even across solid stone walls. Connectivity with laptop running Windows 8.1 is trouble-free.I was given this speaker for testing purposes and for my honest and unbiased review. Please note that I am reviewing the larger speaker with the blue logo, not the square water-resistant model. I'm not sure why such different products are grouped on the same page, it can be confusing. In my opinion, this is a quality speaker, maybe a little pricey but worth it because of the solid quality and fine performance. My video has more detail so you can make up your own mind.

TotallydubbedHD "Tech Reviewer"

I received this speaker for review and thought to share my thoughts about it.Accessories:The accessories is comes with are good, although not perfect.I like the fact you have a long charging wire and aux cable - however the carrying pouch doesn't really fit the speaker. This is because it is an incredibly tight fit and it isn't aided by the fact that the device is made with a rubber-esk surface.Thus the pouch is a nice idea, but it is very hard to get the speaker in and out of the pouch.Build quality:The build quality is a little hit and miss.I really like the finish of the device, the look of it and the button placements. I also like the input (charging and aux) on the side of the device.However, something I really didn't like is the fact that when the speaker is paired with a device, it makes a very odd beeping sound. Furthermore, when sound is playing I was able to hear a little bit of rattle coming from the speaker, when played at high volumes.I wouldn't have minded if the speaker was

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