Aluminum Magnetic Car Mount ST1006G

  • Inateck Magnetic Car holder, dedicated to the air vent, Fix the magnetic bracket to your car’s vent. Fix the magnet plate to the back of your device. Put them together. Easy, seamless installation. Also a great space saver.
  • Wide-Range Compatibility: Use with smartphones and GPS devices of all sizes including iPhone 7/ 7 Plus/ 6s/6/ 5s, Samsung Galaxy S7/ S6, S7 Edge, Google Nexus 5/4, LG G3 and more.
  • Tested Dependability: Made using high-quality metal material and dependable magnet technology for a firm, stable and secure phone mount.
  • 360° Adjustable Angle: Rotate horizontally 360° so you can choose the screen angle that’s perfect for you.
  • Package Contents: 1x Inateck magnetic vent-attached car mount. 2x Metal plate / disc (round & angular). 2x Adhesive foil
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Simple and 100% compatible

This universal mobile support can be attached onto louvre fins in your car. The extremely slim magnetic disc can either be inserted between device and protective cover, battery and back cover or glued onto the rear of the device you want to attach. Using a highly efficient magnet, the device can then be safely fixed onto the base plate. The magnetic disc can be attached onto any device, making it suitable for ALL smartphones and GPS devices.

Practical space saver

Due to the mobile devices being fixed to the louvre fins in such a space-saving manner, all other holders or trays within you car can be facilitated otherwise. Furthermore, the front screen view will not be obrusted, as it often is the case with conventional suction cup supports.

Elegant and reliable

Because the holder bracket features very compact dimensions and a simple design, the aesthetic appearance of your car's interior won’t be disturbed. Although it may seem that your mobile device just "floats" in front of the louvre fins with the Inateck support, you don’t have to worry about potential threats from potholes, vibrations and shocks. The Inateck support realises an extremely firm grip onto your device in any conceivable situation.


Using the highly flexible swing head, you can adjust position of the attached mobile device very precisely, to ensure an optimal screen angle and view perspective. The magnetic plates are guaranteed to not cause any damage on or within the device whatsoever.

Details are Everything

●UNIVERSAL: This magnetic mobile devices support is compatible with smartphones and GPS devices of all sizes, e.g. iPhone, Samsung and Nexus

 ●UNCOMPLICATED: The phone bracket can be mounted onto louvres in your car, while the magnetic plate is attached to your mobile. Both can be removed easily if needed

 ●EFFICIENT: The possibility to mount two 2.5” drives frees up valuable space for additional PC components. 

Package :

1x Inateck magnetic louvre-attached bracket
2x Metal plate/disc (round & angular)
1x Adhesive foil

●SPACE-SAVING: Your mobile can be attached to a free louvre, readily to hand and without obstructing your car's front view. Other holders and trays in the car can be used otherwise

● RELIABLE: Super-slim and effective magnetic plates realise an extremely save support for your devices, potential damages can be ruled out completely

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