Inateck 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Scanner P6

P6 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Scanner with 60m Range

BCST-60 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Scanner with 35m Range

BCST-60 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Scanner with 35m Range

BCST-70 Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner with 35m Range, Gray

Easy to Deploy: Out of the box. Connection completes in 3 seconds. Supports English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish keyboard. Compatible with POS, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi etc.

Strong Recognition Ability: Can read various types of 1D barcode. Supports lightning scanning and upload of blurry or broken barcodes under strong and dim light.

Prolonged Battery Life and Connection Distance: Full charge allows 15 continuous working days. Less downtime, no shift interruptions. Connection distance reaches above 35 meters.

Built to Last: External TPU protective case is 2 times as thick as similar products. Triple consolidation treatment is made for internal core parts. Withstands repeated 6ft. (1.8m) drops to concrete floor.

Special Functions: Editable prefix or suffix reaches 32 digits. Capable of hiding part of a barcode . You can also contact us to customize the product to suit your specific need. For more information, please refer to Product Description.

More customization options are available on the BCST-70 for bulk orders.

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How to Use

No extra adapter needed

Inateck BCST-70 connects device directly via Bluetooth. Whatever your operating system is, the BCST-70 enters pairing mode after scanning the 2 correspondent barcodes(Note 1)in the instruction manual.

Different from 2.4Ghz wireless scanner

Due to lack of USB port, 2.4Ghz scanners cannot be used with phones or tablets, but only computers, POS or other fixed machines. The USB adapter for 2.4Ghz scanners is generally customized, and must be purchased at the same factory once lost or broken. Thus 2.4Ghz wireless scanner is more applicable for closed-environment use, for example, the cashier desk, factory or warehouse.

Besides for computers, POS machine and other fixed devices, Bluetooth scanners can also connect iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices via Bluetooth(pairing procedure is as other Bluetooth devices ).

Increased Connection Distance

Restricted by current Bluetooth technology, almost all Bluetooth products only support a transmission distance of around 10 meters.

However, through our innovation in technology, the transmission distance for the BCST-70 reaches 35 meters. The unhindered transmission

distance reaches beyond 50 meters, which makes the effective transmission range reach above 1000㎡. The covering range is infinite if you

take the BCST-70 with your iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices.

Multiple Scanning Modes

Manual Recognition/Read Mode- Most frequently-used method, pressing button once enters one read.

Auto-sensing Mode- Automatically scans barcode when put it in front of scanning window. Especially fits needs for retail stores, and inventory record in warehouses.

Continuous Scanning Mode- Scans at a certain frequency. Suitable for production line at factories.

Inventory Mode- Store scanning results to the scanner and count the number.

Keyboard Lanaguage


To help you use our barcode scanner better, we would provide with not only complete instruction manual, but also with timely technical support

Strong Recognition Ability

Can read various types of 1D barcode. Supports lightning scanning and upload of blurry or broken barcodes under strong and dim light.

Barcode type Supported: Codabar, Code 11, Code 128, GS1-128, Code39, Code 93, EAN-8, EAN-13, ISBN, ISSN,

MSI,UPCA,UPC-E,IATA 25, Industrial 25/Standard 25, Interleaved 25,Matrix 25, China Postal Code, FedEx,USPS, Code 32, VIN

Faster scanning and upload speed

No need to target accurately or adjust angle. For retailer industry, this means higher work efficiency. Customers need to wait less time and can experience higher service quality. The same can be said for warehouses and factories.

More secured and comprehensive external protection

We have tested for over 10,000 times and consolidated its construction according to statistics in our customers’ feedback. You'll find BCST-70 is covered with black TPU soft rubber. There's a tiny bulge on the LED light and hook. The thinnest part also reaches 3.5mm, twice as thick as products of similar type.

Other Functions

Hook: Facilitates carrying around.

Button: Designed in a structure resembling mechanic keyboard. Comfortable to press even after long-time use. Supports over 10 million clicks.

Supports HID and SPP modes.

EAN: 6957599324922

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