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Why the iPhone 7 is Better than the Google Pixel


Since the Google Pixel hasn’t been released yet the conclusions of this article are not definite. Also it takes into account prices which can also change. Anyways, here are three reasons why we think the iPhone 7 is your best smartphone bet (for now).


The first important point is durability. You’re bound to have an accident with your phone at some point and you absolutely want to purchase something that will last. The iPhone 7 tops the Pixel in this category. It meets the IP67 standards for splash, water and dust resistance. The iPhone 7 can actually be submerged in water and still works. Even though it’s tough Apple still recommend you use a case.


The second reason we prefer the iPhone 7 over the Pixel is design. Obviously this is a personal preference, and both devices do look similar. Nevertheless there are some differences that have been noted which give the iPhone an edge. According to the majority of reviewers the iPhone 7 is extremely comfortable to hold; featuring wonderfully curved sides and corners. The Pixel, while comfortable, just doesn’t match the iPhone on this point. Furthermore, Apple has done a better job blending the antenna breaks and decluttered in the phone’s rear panel. Finally, in our opinion, the iPhone 7 just looks better.


The final reason is the price and availability. Both phones are expensive, so if you’re tight on money look for a cheaper alternative. The base cost for both phones’ 32GB and 128GB models are $650 and $750. The 256GB iPhone is $850. Unlike the Pixel which is a Verizon exclusive in the US, the iPhone is available with multiple carriers. This means greater flexibility on payment plans. Furthermore, the iPhone is available in more countries and from more retailers. To summarize the iPhone is more widely available, has more service carriers and a more flexible payment plan.


Of course, there are many other factors involved and it is up to the buyer to decide what characteristics in a phone are the most important for them. The Pixel’s battery and audio seem to beat the iPhone according to most online reviews. If these are two qualities you really care about then go for the Pixel; and be sure to enjoy the high quality audio with one of our In-ear Genuine Wooden Earphones. If you’re still going with the iPhone despite the poorer performing battery stay charged using one of our certified Apple MFI lightning cables.


The other important product characteristics such as display, software, functionality and camera generally tie in most online reviews with neither the Pixel or iPhone beating out the other. However, it’s still early and further testing might show clear differences in these areas.

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  1. Avinash Jois says:

    Very Nice article. But Google Pixel is available unlocked mode too from Google Store and that works across carriers.

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