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How to Avoid Losing Your iPhone 7 AirPods

5 Products to Keep Your Airpods Safe

Given the cost of Apples new iPhone 7 AirPods– $159– we’d say it’s worth a few extra dollars to insure that they don’t get lost. Here are five great, affordable products that will help you avoid losing your iPhone 7 AirPods!

  1. Spigen Strap

This product features a simple, straightforward string and two ring design. The company has already started selling a dedicated AirPods strap.



  1. Leather Band

The COURAGE MODEL 1 leather band can firmly secure your AirPods and is available on COURAGE’s official website for $8.



  1. Silicon Earplugs

This product adopts soft, comfortable silicone material which perfectly fits the inner ear, securing the airbuds.  


  1. Supporting Clips

What these supporting clips lack in comfort is made up for in security. They are especially suited exercise, when your AirPods are most likely to fall out.


  1.     Spigen Earhooks.

These ingenious attachments can be easily fastened to your Airpods and adjusted to fit any ear.



If you know of any other products that are great, for whatever feature or combination of features, please let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Thomas says:

    I find it really interested that the wireless pods need to have a wire to support the weight in the early for balance. Maybe apple got this wrong

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