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Confused about Which MacBook to Buy? Check out These Tips


Which MacBook Should You Buy?

In case you’re considering buying a new Mac this buying guide provides an overview of all the Mac models available and what each model is best suited for. Before we jump into the details, if you’re interested in a gaming computer you probably don’t want a MacBook considering the cost and how few Mac compatible computer games there are.

Size and Dimensions:

The 12” MacBooks are Apple’s most portable line of laptops. The 13” MacBook Air almost weighs the same as the 13” MacBook, which is 430g heavier than the 12” MacBook. Likewise, the 13” MacBook Pro has a good size-weight ratio that makes it suitable for anyone on the go who doesn’t want to get bogged down hauling a regular-sized laptop around, but needs something more versatile than an iPad.


MacBook laptops perform in direct proportion to their size and dimensions. Generally speaking, the heavier the laptop is, the better the performances.

This year, Apple released 5 CPU distinct models. Of them, the Core M CPU is the most controversial. It is capable of handling daily tasks, such as sending and receiving emails, browsing the Web, and using office applications. However, the Core M CPUs processing power is limited so if you expect to put a high demand on it we wouldn’t recommend purchasing this model.

The 13” MacBook Air adopts a 3MB CPU Cache, 1.6GHz Core Frequency and, 2.7GHz i5-5250 U dual core processor. From 12” MacBook to 13” MacBook Air, there’s no significant improvement, however, they meet the needs of consumer groups that have no special requirements.

The 13” MacBook Pro without Touch Bar is equipped with a 2.0GHz Intel Core i5 processor, which you can use to turbo-boost the processing speed to 3.1GHz. It also has a built in IrisGraphics540 GPU and supports LPDDR3-1866 low-voltage memory.

The 13” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is equipped with a i5-6267U CPU, 2.9GHz base frequency, 28W TDP and Iris Graphics 550 GPU.

The 15 ” MacBook Pro is equipped with a 2.6Hz frequency quad-core Core i7 processor. Although the HD Graphics 530 is not as good as the older version with the Iris Pro GPU, it is upgraded with Radeon Pro 450y. The graphic performance is therefore significantly better than earlier models.


Interfaces decide how many adapters you need to buy.

The 12” MacBook gets left behind in this round. There’s only one USB-C port for connecting storage devices, printers, external displays, power adapters, or anything else. If you have older USB peripherals, you need to use a USB-C to USB adapter that will allow you to connect USB 3 and USB 2 devices to the MacBook. Want to use Ethernet? You need a USB-C to USB adapter and a USB Ethernet adapter. If you want to connect an HDMI display and USB devices, you need to get a USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. Or if you want to connect a VGA display, you need the USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter. In contrast, the 13” MacBook have a variety of interfaces including Thunderbolt. MacBook Pro has 4 Thunderbolts, which can be expanded using multiple interfaces. Nevertheless, it’s still necessary to have a few extra adapters.

Battery Lasting:

The 12” MacBook’s battery capacity and power adapter are not as good as other models, but it’s battery endurance is the same as the MacBook Pro because of its low power consumption. The 13” MacBook has the longest lasting battery thanks to it’s configuration and body size. Overall power consumption is low compared to the size of the relatively large battery. Except for MacBook Air, all MacBook notebooks are equipped with Retina display. This is one of the reasons many users do not buy a MacBook Air. Note, however, that a MacBook Air’s battery life is significantly shortened when equipped with a retinal screen to around 12 hours.

It is easy to choose a suitable MacBook computer as long as you are sure of your personal needs, budget, and preferences. Hope this article helps, instead of making you even more confused! ^ ^



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