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Considering the iPhone7/7 Plus? See What the Experts Think Here!


Another year, another new iPhone. As someone with a penchant for savings, but a weakness for electronics I’m hearing that “Is it worth it?” question again. Of course it’s not a particularly unique question. Millions of people are having it, probably including whoever’s reading this.  Hundreds of reporters and experts are cramming to answer it. Apple is dropping tons of money to make that answer a resounding “yes”.

Of course the iPhone 7/7+ won’t be released until September 16th, but that  hasn’t stopped tech media from dissecting the information Apple released at their latest Apple Event.

I could repeat every I’ve read here and pretend it’s original insight, but why bother? With all the coverage out there how many people would actually read it anyways? Why not cut out the middle man and send you right to the professionals?

With that I’d like to recommend some articles that we here at Inateck think provide consumers with detailed, objective information on the upcoming iPhone7/7+.

Basically if you’re thinking “Is it worth it?” to pre-order the iPhone 7/7+ or are just curious these articles are great sources of information. They are also being updated as new information becomes available.

 The first question for current iPhone users is probably should I upgrade? Are the differences between the new iPhone from my current model worth it?  CNET provides a detailed breakdown of the on paper differences between iPhone 7/7+ and all previous iPhone models up to the iPhone 5.

Now if you’ve decided to upgrade to an iPhone 7 or 7+, but don’t know which to go with. This article from Digital Trends is a great read. Author Julian Chokkattu  provides a detailed breakdown on everything; specs, price and even when we can expect more new products from Apple.

If you still haven’t made up your mind or just want to stay up to date check out iPhone7buzz. They are constantly posting and updating on everything iPhone 7/7+ including linking readers to great media articles like we’re doing here (except they are far and away more thorough).

Personally I’m going to wait for more information post-release, but if you are convinced you can pre-order over at the website today. In any case we hope you found the above information useful.

If you have any additional articles to recommend, on this or related news, think these choices are no good or have any other thoughts please share in the comments.  If you have any recommendations for our company, periphery products you’d like to see for the iPhone 7/7+, etc. please share your them in the comment section as well.

Finally, we’re celebrating Apple with a sale this September 16th to 18th on Inateck Apple-related products. Don’t miss out!

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