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Elect the Product You Want a Deal On!

Get a chance to win your favorite product for Free!


At Inateck, we’re not only committed to retailing affordable high quality products, but high quality customer experience. Part of that includes great discounts for our customers who are trying to save. Sadly we can’t always know what products you want, so why not ask?

Each week our followers on social media can vote for the Inateck product they want a deal on. Three lucky participants who vote and share our post with a friend can select 1 of the 5 products to receive as a free gift. Everyone else will enjoy a 30%~50% discount on the winning product. Please see below for details.

What products can I vote on?

Every Monday we’ll offer customers 5 products to vote on for that week. Products and discounts will vary to make the selection process more interesting. Preference will be given to runner-up products in previous votes.

How Can I Win a Free Gift?

  1. Vote for your favorite product by commenting on Inateck’s Facebook, Twitter or Blog. For your vote to be counted please comment on posts related to that week’s deal.  
  2. Share the post with a friend by tagging them in the comment.
  3. You will automatically be entered for a chance win.
  4. Three gift-recipients will be selected the following Monday and will be contacted via email to receive their free-gift.

What If I Don’t Win a Free Gift?

Inateck will post a 30%~50% off coupon code on our social media channels for the product with the most votes the following Monday which anyone can use. Take advantage of the deal and try again next week!

What if I don’t like any of the products?

Then let us know what products you would like to see in the future! They’re bound to show up, and the more you ask the sooner they’ll appear.

How do I vote?

Post the name of the product you want on any social media post related to that week’s deal. We’ll post about the vote once a day on Facebook and twice on Twitter so be sure to like and follow us! Voting lasts Monday (Oct 17) through Sunday (Oct 23).

Note: Only one vote will be counted per person. We encourage our fans to comment as much as possible, but please clearly state which product you are voting for. If you change your mind, just edit your original comment or reply.

How do I know which product won?

The winning product will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog the day after that week’s voting ends–i.e the following Monday. The announcement will include a link to the product’s listing and a coupon code.

The winning product of last week is AL2011. We will offer 30% off coupon code(DKRZU73B)to you, which will be effective from Oct 17 to Oct 23.


Car Charger Original Price: $49.99 / Now: $9.99

The short listed alternatives of this week will be:

  • Docking Station (FD1102) Original Price: $69.99 / Now: $34.99

    FD1102 Hard Drive Docking Station with USB 3.0 and SD Card Reader Hub is made of engineered ABS plastics and reinforced with an aluminium enclosure.
    Comprises of a high-class chipset ASM1153E+RTL5411+RTS5306, theoretical USB 3.0 speeds of up to 5 Gbps. Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.0.
    Supports all 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA drives up to 8TB capacity. Two USB 3.0 ports and one SD card reader enable users to connect the docking station to devices more conveniently.8

  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (BP1109) Original Price: $55.99 / Now: $15.99

    BP1109 is designed to be comfortable to carry with no square edges, so much better for travel & hiking, superlight and easy to fit in almost any bag, backpack, or suitcase without adding any unnecessary bulk. Whether you’re partying, working out, or just lounging around the house, enjoy a full-range stereo sound with impressive volume. Distinct mids and highs from our precision acoustic driver deliver excellent stereo sound and enhanced bass. The BP1109 is versatile for its size making it great for any occasion, but what truly makes it a stand-out product is its refined shape and construction. Its aluminum uni-body design is not only a distinguishing feature, but what allows it to project music loud and clear. This also enhances its ability to reduce surface friction effectively eliminating excessive sound resonance.
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker (BP2109) Original Price: $69.99 / Now: $26.99

    Enjoy your favorite music with a device that is intuitively designed; that is to say, easy to use and extremely convenient. The stand/dock feature in conjunction with rotatable handle allow you to securely place your phone on top of the BP2109, freeing your hands to multitask and enjoy your music or movie. Listen to your music wherever, whenever. Equipped with a dependable 4000mAH battery this speaker offers up to 30 hours of continuous playtime, while the included USB port means your Bluetooth and mobile devices are always charged.

  • Male to Female Audio Cable (AC1009) Original Price: $17.99 / Now: $3.99

    Looking to share some music with a friend without your family having to listen too? Want to watch a movie together, but don’t want to wake anyone up? Inateck’s 3.5mm, 8.7in.-long Dual Splitter Headphone Cable has one male input plug and two female output plugs, letting you expand one headphone plug into two, so you’ll never have to share a pair of earbuds again.?Whether you’re hanging out at home or on a road trip, you can hook your speaker or car stereo up to your phone, laptop, tablet, iPod, CD player, TV—you name it—and play your music as loud as you want.
  • Wireless Presenter (WP1003) Original Price: $29.99 / Now: $12.99

    Want to make your presentation smoother without clicking mouse to open a hyperlink? Inateck WP1003 solves this problem. Apart from the laser pointing, page turning, full screen and black screen functions, hyperlink function is also added to this presenter. You can switch different active programs and open the inserted hyperlinks easily. Thanks to the compact unibody design, WP1003 is convenient to carry around. Being designed in a moderate way, this Inateck wireless presenter equips lots of humanized details, such as the magnetic wireless receiver, which is more convenient to store.

Just follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and comment to vote which product you want us to have a discount on.


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    My vote is for the HDD Docking Station (FD1102) !

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    Portable Bluetooth Speaker (BP2109) Original Price: $69.99 / Now: $32.99

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    My Vote goes to Portable Bluetooth Speaker (BP2109)

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    I vote for BP2109 .x

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