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Four Convenient Car Accessories You Must Own

Motor vehicles and mobile devices both play important roles in our day to day lives, being both a source of great convenience and at times great stress. Below you will find four Inateck car accessories that eliminate some of the hassles that can occur when cars and mobile devices come together.


Inateck Three-Port Car Charger— The Replacement for Mobile Phone Adapters

Too many devices and too few ports is a common occurrence. You need to charge your mobile phone or iPad, but your GPS also needs power. Now with the Inateck AL3001B Three-Port Car Charger worrying about too few ports to charge from is a thing of the past.


The output of two black general ports is a solid 5V, 2.4 A. The QC 2.0 quick charge port can charge compatible mobile devices from 0 to 60% in just 30 minutes. That means the speed of the quick charge port is 70% faster than general quick charge devices.


The charger features an intelligent design that leaves enough space between the USB ports, prevent the cables from overcrowding.


It has a compact structure and its spring enables it to be fastened to the car tightly.


A red LED indicator underneath the QC2.0 USB port indicates whether your device is being charged or not. The indicator is bright enough such that it is readily visible even at night.


Why worry about your mobile phone running out of battery, especially when you are on the road? Now with the Inateck AL3001B Three-Port Car Charger you don’t have to.


Inateck Charging Cable— A Charging Expert in Traveling

If you own a car charger you will need a cable. Why not try Inateck LG2001 two-in-one data cable?


The Inateck LG2001 cable uses tested TPE material. As a result, when compared to standard rubble cables, the Inateck LG2001 is far more durable, more heat resistant, and has a 4000+ bend lifespan.



If a cable is too long, it may cause your phone to charge slower or result in tangled cables. On the other hand, a cable that is too short is extremely inconvenient. The Inateck data cable is exactly 120cm long.


The cable head features an intelligent design such that it can be seamlessly inserted in and out of plugs.  Integrated PVC material make this far superior to standard aluminium alloy cable heads. Unlike standard cable heads the LG2001 is water-proof, anti-corrosive and resistant to sunlight damage.


Certificated by Apple MFI, the two-in-one cable is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. In other words, it is compatible with almost any mobile device.


Inateck Car Mount Holder —Freeing Your Hands and Making Your Traveling Safer


The Inateck Car Mount Holder has a small delicate design. Get all the use using the least space!


Compared with clip car phone holders, the Inateck car mount holder is far more convenient. Do it all with one hand for any situation- answer a phone call, change lanes, etc. and avoid the increased risks associated with using a clip car phone holder. It supports smart phones in all sizes as well as GPS devices and mobile devices.



Installation is easy. Just insert the holder into the car AC vent. Anti-skid rubber gaskets prevent scratching with the contact surface.


We’ve designed a super slim magnetic patch for the car mount holder. Unlike other magnetic patches, the Inateck magnetic patch can be put between your phone and the phone case to attach your phone with the phone holder firmly.

Inateck BR1003 Bluetooth Adapter— Your Music Partner in Traveling

The Inateck Bluetooth adapter features a simple, compact design and its black classic cover matches your in-vehicle devices.


The Bluetooth adapter combines the function of Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth receiver, equipped with with the newest Bluetooth 4.1 and CSR Bluetooth chip. With this adapter, your mobile devices can be connected to your car easily and quickly.


The Bluetooth adapter eliminates the hassle of tangled cables in your car so you can enjoy listening to music in a freer way. Equipped with the newest CSR8670 Chipset, the device supports APT-X audio decoding and can be connected to APT-X devices for top quality music. All in all, it is an excellent choice for people who care about their audio.


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12 Responses

  1. Fruit says:

    Inateck Charging Cable is probably the most convenient accessory out of these four. When I travel, I usually end up having to bring at least 2 cables. One for micro-usb and the other for lightning cable. This is really annoying when you are trying to minimize luggage space.

    • Grace says:

      We strive to make hard things simple by constantly providing such products to our valued customer. It would be our great honor to save you such trouble.

  2. april says:

    love the accessories for smartphones. definitely some must haves

  3. all of them are must have. the mount, the charger, cable … I travel a lot and these are must for me in my travel bag. Not all cars have USB charging or GPS.. use my phone and chargers to help me navigate around the cities.

  4. karth says:

    The 2-in-1 charge cable is awesome. Very useful for leaving in the Car

  5. I have a two-port car charger and when I got it, I thought two would be plenty, but when my wife is in the car and I am charging my Bluetooth tx/rx, we have to swap back and forth to get things charged. it is a pain. I’ll have to look into the three port charger to see if it will work for us.

    • Grace says:

      Yeah, that’s why we launched 2-port charger, 3-port charger and 4-port charger. You can select yourself the most suitable product as you wish.

  6. Ram says:

    Definitely mandatory items for car travel. I have the other 3 items (charger, car mount and an older Inateck Bluetooth adaptor). I love the concept of the 2-in-1 adaptor cable. Definitely helps in preventing clutter !

    • Grace says:

      Why not share your reviews on Amazon? You’ll get a chance to win yourself a free product. Thank you for purchasing Inateck products!

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