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Inateck’s Weekly Deal Election



Elect the Product You Want a Deal On!


At Inateck, we’re not only committed to retailing affordable high quality products, but high quality customer experience. Part of that includes great discounts for our customers who are trying to save. Sadly we can’t always know what products you want, so why not ask?


Each week our followers on social media can vote which Inateck product they want a deal on. Please see below for details.


What products can I vote on?

Every Monday we’ll offer customers 5 products to vote on for that week. Products and discounts will vary to make the selection process more interesting. Preference will be given to runner-up products in previous votes.


What if I don’t like any of the products?

Then let us know what products you would like to see in the future! They’re bound to show up, and the more you ask the sooner they’ll appear.


What if I want to learn more about the products?

The blog entry will provide details about the products on sale.


How do I vote?

Post the name of the product you want on any social media post related to that week’s deal. We’ll post about the vote once a day on Facebook and twice on Twitter so be sure to like and follow us! Voting lasts Monday (Oct 10) through Sunday (Oct 16).
Note: Only one vote will be counted per person. We encourage our fans to comment as much as possible, but please clearly state which product you are voting for. If you change your mind, just edit your original comment or reply.


How do I know which product won?

The winning product will be announced on Facebook and Twitter the day after that week’s voting ends–i.e the following Monday. The announcement will include a link to the product’s listing and a coupon code.


The short listed alternatives of this week will be:


Inateck 2.5 Inch USB 3.0 Aluminum HDD External Enclosure Case with USB-C Port to Type A Cable  (FE2008A)


Inateck Wireless Doorbell, IPX-6 Water-proof Door Bell with Battery-free Button Module (DB1001)



Inateck USB Car Charger with 2 USB Port & Built in Apple Certified Lightning Cable (AL2011)


Inateck In-ear Earphone Genuine Wood Noise-isolating Earbud Headphone with Mic and Remote (BH1105M)



Inateck Universal 13-13.3 Inch Laptop Sleeve Tablet Bag, Gray (MP1330)

Just follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Blog to make an informed decision!

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    • Grace says:

      Thank you! There is a miscommunication about the voting dates and we shall release the result on our blog/Facebook/Twitter on Oct. 17.

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