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Light up Your Life with Unique Tomons Lightings


With numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions or lighting abilities, lamps and other types of lightings constitute one of the most convenient methods one has to alter the tone of a room. Properly use the right lighting can improve a room’s decoration as well as the quality of life. In today’s article you can see 4 creative lightings that can add some beauty to your life.


String Light SL2002

Usage Scenarios: furniture, trees, etc. as suits your needs.

Recommended Reasons:

4 Colors and Blink Modes

Whether you want to dim the lights for a calm, romantic dinner, turn them up to max to illuminate your yard or decorate your Christmas tree with a spiral of blinking colorful light these are great options.

Saves Power

At 4.5W, the whole string of lights uses up no more energy than a single common light bulb! 100 LED diodes spread out across 3.3ft of wire give you great value with little expenditure of energy. And if a light ever goes out, parallel circuitry means the others will keep on working like normal.

Decorating Made Easy

Easy to bend and tie, it gives you tons of flexibility when you’re trying for the perfect setup. Effortlessly wrap it around a tree, the leg of a table or a hook on the wall and string it up wherever you want it.

Made for the Outdoors

Its IP65 rating means it’s thoroughly resistant to dust ingresses and all kinds of low-pressure water jets. That means you can use it outdoors without worrying about the rain or the dirt.


Desk Lamp DL1002

Usage Scenarios: bedroom study room, etc. as suits your needs.

Recommended Reasons:

Versatile Design-Lamp

May it be as a light source for your desk or as reading lamp on your bedside cabinet – the Tomons desk lamp does not simply provide illumination, but features a modern and timeless design as well.

Industrial design

The material mix using metal and wood provides this new line of Tomons-lamps with a unique, industrially influenced vintage design. The nylon-wrapped power cable and the joint arms are made of lively wood, combined with the shade at stand made of high-quality metal, make for an interesting combination.

Pleasing to the eye

The Tomons reading lamp was specifically designed for an optimized and above all healthy reading experience. Long and comfortable working and reading sessions are now possible, simply by flexibly adjusting the joints of the lamp – exhausted and aching eyes are now a thing of the past.

Premium quality materials

To protect the environment, the materials chosen for producing the Tomons reading lamp are highly durable and of choice quality, therefore enabling you to enjoy the lamp for a long time. The power cord is tightly wrapped in two-colored high quality nylon fiber insulation, preventing cable breaks or similar damages.


Aroma Diffuser AD2001

Usage Scenarios: bedroom study room, etc. as suits your needs.

Recommended Reasons:

Fragrant, Clean Air for your Home

Turn your home into a wellness-oasis. Enjoy perfect humidity and fragrance using natural means. The Tomons AD2001 dispenses aroma using condenses water with the help of ultrasound to moisten the environment, so that heat is not produced.

A Healthy Indoor Climate

Especially in the cold season, when the radiators are heating up, indoor air tends to be extremely dry. Thus, discomforts like irritated or dry mucosae are common at these times. Using the dispenser from Tomons, you can say good-bye to dry air, due to a pleasant indoor climate and clean air being available upon pressing a button.

Aromatic therapy at home

When adding fragrant oil to the dispensing unit, the favorite aroma will be spread evenly throughout the room for up to four hours, thanks to the innovative ultrasonic condenser dispenser technology. Therefore, you will be able to improve your well-being and mood.

Atmospheric lighting in six colors and three vaporization modes

You can choose among 6 different colors. Every color has three perfectly matching light and vaporization modes:

Gleaming light with soft vaporization

Changing soft light with vaporization every 15 seconds

Continuous vaporization with bright Light

Protection from overheating

When the water level within the tank reaches a critical low, a signal tone will sound. To avoid any damaged due to overheating, the device will then power down automatically.


Camping Light CL2001

Usage Scenarios: camping, hiking, fishing, outdoor adventures and emergencies, etc. as suits your needs.

Recommended Reasons:

Shines Bright

The Tomons Camping Lantern can shine at up to 196 lumens, giving you ample light for an outing at night.

Long-Lasting Light

The Tomons Camping Lantern can light up your world for days at a time. When used in weak mode, it’ll last you 130 hours—more than 5 days—of continuous use before it needs a recharge. In strong mode, it’ll last for up to 10 hours at a time—plenty to get you through a typical camping trip.

Big Battery

Super-high-capacity 5200mAh battery takes just 3 hours to fully recharge with a 2A adapter (not included) and the included Micro USB cable. The Micro USB cable can double as a phone charger when you want to transfer some power from the lamp. A full lamp battery gives an iPhone 6 or 6s nearly two full charges.

Reliable in the Rain

An IP65 rating guarantees your lamp will work fine in the rain and that it’s reliably dust-tight, so when the going gets tough, you’ll have a dependable companion and source of power and light. It’s the perfect tool for a trip to the woods.

Five Light Modes

With five modes of varying brightness, you can light up the whole trail while you work your way up a mountain or create a dim glow as you sit down to share a meal and chat. A flashing SOS mode functions as a distress signal in the event of an emergency. The Tomons Camping Lantern has got your back!

Have any questions or suggestions for choosing lightings in certain rooms? Please leave your comment here. We’d love to hear from you!


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