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Review Content:

Impressive, convenient, and it is just so…, August 17, 2016

This review is from: Inateck iPad Pro 12.9″ Case Tablet Bag with Stand Function, 13.3 Inch MacBook Air/ Pro Retina Sleeve – Dark Gray (Personal Computers)

“Inateck iPad Pro 12.9″ Case Cover Sleeve with Stand Function

Supports use for 13 Inch MacBook Air/ Pro Retina Sleeve

It is a slim look, and slim inside as well. Intended to be used for the iPad Pro 13 inch but works flawlessly with my Macbook Air. With this particular sleeve since it is slim in nature, using a case on the Macbook Air will not work well. it is a slim fit when inserting the Macbook Air inside the sleeve.

The sleeve is made of a felt type of material that feels good. It does not feel cheap or give any hint of poor quality material that will rip away. On the outside of the sleeve you will find two pockets, with one side being a bit smaller than the other. On one side I fit my phone and a charging cable. One the bigger side I fit a slim hard drive and its cable as well as two pens. I did not pack it with all I could only essentials. Anything else really I would recommend a bag of some sort.

Inside there are two compartments, as you could see in the picture I submitted. One compartment for your Macbook air, or for your iPad Pro 13” while a small compartment is for your iPad or other small items such as cards, keys (although without the key ring I would suggest), or a slim notebook.

Inside there are also six Velcro closures, with two on each side. These are used to convert the sleeve into a stand. This was my personal favorite feature of the sleeve. When I first ordered this item I first thought why would I need a stand for my iPad? or Macbook Air? Well I realized this was a great solution to problem I didn’t know existed for me. Sure I could move the angle of the screen but with this sleeve it brought the viewing angle higher which helped with my neck strain while watching videos on the computer.

In addition, I tend to watch videos in bed which also suffocates the computers fan with the bed sheets but while using this sleeve it raises up the area of where the fan is and is able to ‘breath’ better. Which i prefer.

As the description states, this is a convenient sleeve. I believe my review is a reflection of my experience with this item. So far I have not encountered major issues. Minor issues for me were that if I did put bulky items and did not remove the computer first it became more difficult to retrieve said items from the compartments, but I believe this is something that should be expected from a sleeve intended to be SLIM.

Also, this sleeve comes with a small felt pouch. feels the same as the sleeve. I especially like this because it is a small pouch in which you can carry your mouse or in my case cable and charger I may need during the day as well as a backup battery.

Thank you. I hope my review is helpful for you.”


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