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Weekly Giveaway Vote (Dec.5 to Dec.11)

Win your favorite product for Free!

At Inateck, we’re not only committed to retailing affordable high quality products, but high quality customer experience. We therefore want our customers to decide what their favorite products are and, in the process, provide us with valuable insight into how we can make our brand better.

Each week our followers on social media can vote for the Inateck product they like and Three Lucky Participants will have the opportunity to select 1 of those products being featured in the Weekly Giveaway Vote FOR FREE. 

What products can I vote on?

Every week we’ll offer customers several products to vote on. Products will vary to make the selection process more interesting. Preference will be given to runner-up products in previous votes.

How Can I Win a Free Gift?

1.Vote for your favorite product by commenting on Inateck’s Facebook, Twitter, or just vote at the bottom of our blog post.

2.Share the post with your friends.

3.You will automatically be entered for a chance to win.

4. Three lucky winners will be selected and announced the following Monday (Dec. 12) on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog, and will be contacted via email to receive their favorite product.

The alternatives of this week will be:


Water Repellent Laptop Sleeve (LC1302)

Thorough Protection Inateck’s neoprene laptop sleeve is composed of three layers—an interior and exterior of dust- and scratch-proof environmentally friendly mutispandex, and a middle layer of waterproof neoprene, reliably sheltering your precious laptop from the elements. It keeps your laptop safe in the face of rainwater and accidental spills and cushions it when something hits it, making sure it stays scratch-free, so if you get caught in a storm on your way home, you can rest assured that your laptop will be fine.

Grab It and Go Inateck’s neoprene laptop sleeve is lightweight and super-portable. Show off its sleek, fashionable design while you walk around campus, or slide it into your bag as you head off to class. It’s the perfect choice for this grab-and-go world, allowing you to get to where you need to be without any delay.

Made for Easy Use Getting your laptop in and out of some sleeves can be a real chore. That’s why we’ve designed this sleeve with a top-loading zipper that you can smoothly slide open to effortlessly remove your laptop. Just pull the zipper, and the sleeve peels away with ease.


3.5 mm Audio Cable (AC1008)

Crystal-Clear Sound Quality We make our cables from the finest materials. 24K gold-plated plugs, high-purity copper cores and an aluminum shell with a metal shield ensure lossless stereo signal transmission so you can enjoy your music the way it’s meant to be heard—free of any unwanted noise.

Universal Compatibility It’s perfect for any device with a DC 3.5mm audio interface. Hook your speaker or car stereo up to your phone, laptop, tablet, iPod—you name it—and you can play music at a family gathering, listen to an audio book on a long drive or boost the volume while you watch a movie.

Made to Last Constructed with soft, highly elastic wire, it’s thoroughly resistant to wear and tear from bending and tugging. Undamaged by a 10000-time swing test with a weight of 7oz., you won’t be throwing it away anytime soon. If you’re getting an audio cable, get one that’s made to last.


iPhone 7 Cover (PC5001)

Perfectly Fitted for the iPhone 7 We designed this case specifically for the iPhone 7. When installed the case fits seamlessly with your iPhone, insulating it from dirt and dust, without making the device too bulky and inconvenient to handle.

High Quality Materials The case is made using tested patented materials that not only provide high quality 360 degree protection for your iPhone, but an extremely comfortable feel when holding and using your iPhone. Compared to traditional TPU materials which, although durable, are not particularly comfortable; this case uses new PC materials. These are not only shock and scratch resistant, but have a great metal feel.

Designed for Easy Installation In addition to using the latest protective materials and being fit specifically for the iPhone 7, we made sure that both assembling and disassembling the case would be such an easy thing. Just follow the straightforward step by step instructions provided with your protect; only five easy steps to install, just three easy steps to disassemble. 


33Ft/10M String Lights (SL2004)

Gentle White Hue With a 2700-3000K colour temperature, it’s the perfect choice when you want to give the dining room a warm, romantic feel, when you want to softly light the scene of an evening barbecue or party in the backyard, when you want to attract customers to your shop or when you just want to relax at home.

Saves Power Rated 5W, the whole string of lights uses up no more energy than a single common light bulb! 100 LED diodes spread out across 33ft of wire give you great value with little expenditure of energy. And if a light ever goes out, parallel circuitry means the others will keep on working like normal.

Decorating Made Easy Easy to bend and tie, it gives you tonnes of flexibility when you’re trying for the perfect setup. Effortlessly wrap it around a tree, the leg of a table or a hook on the wall and string it up wherever you want it.

Made for the Outdoors Its IP65 rating means it’s thoroughly resistant to dust ingresses and all kinds of low-pressure water jets. That means you can use it outdoors without worrying about the rain or the dirt.

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Which product is your favorite one?
  • Water Repellent Laptop Sleeve (LC1302) 35%, 8 votes
    8 votes 35%
    8 votes - 35% of all votes
  • iPhone 7 Cover (PC5001) 26%, 6 votes
    6 votes 26%
    6 votes - 26% of all votes
  • 33Ft/10M String Lights (SL2004) 22%, 5 votes
    5 votes 22%
    5 votes - 22% of all votes
  • 3.5 mm Audio Cable (AC1008) 17%, 4 votes
    4 votes 17%
    4 votes - 17% of all votes
Total Votes: 23
December 2, 2016 - December 9, 2016
Voting is closed

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2 Responses

  1. Elicia says:

    I voted the sleeve. Love the sleekness.

  2. Sathyaraj Kolandasamy says:

    i vote for 3.5 mm Audio Cable (AC1008)

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