Tomons Wood Tripod Bedside Lamp BL1002 linen


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1. Design for your warm bedroom: The BL1002 bedside lamp is made of rubber wood that retains clear natural grains, a perfect fit for wood bedside table in your bedroom. Simple and gorgeous appearance complemented with soft light creates warm and tender ambience at bedroom.

2. Comfortable Lighting: The lamp radiates light in a even and soft manner through the linen lampshade. Comfortable lighting greatly facilitates your needs like bedtime reading, clothes changing in bedroom, and going to bathroom at midnight.

3. 3-minute Manual Installation: Screw fast 3 supportive arms into the lamp base, and cover the bulb with a lamp shade. Then the lamp is ready for use. You can also refer to product manual instruction for detailed explanation. The support is specially designed to be in a triangle form for a stable posture of the lamp.

4. Easy to Clean: The whole lamp can be directly cleaned with a wiper. For safety reasons, please turn off the lamp and pull out the plug during cleaning.

5. Included 4W LED Bulb: A 4W LED bulb is packaged. You can use it with the BL1002 immediately after unbox the lamp. With a E26 bulb socket, the BL1002 can also match a 40W incandescent for brighter lighting.

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Which two facts matter most when we choose a bedside lamp?
First, it doesn’t ruin the overall bedroom ambience.

As a place for resting after a day’s work, the bedroom needs to be a cozy and warm ambience to calm us down and rid us of tiredness. And every single item and the overall layout of the bedroom can
contribute to it. The BL1002 is made of rubber wood retaining beautiful and natural grains on the surface, which can perfectly compliment your wood bedside table. A simple, and yet gorgeous design
complemented with soft light builds out the exact warm and cozy ambience we want in bedrooms.

Second, lighting should be comfortable.
The lighting for a bedside lamp cannot be too dim, or it would fatigue our eyes. Nor can it be too bright, or it would stimulate your eyes and brain and thus cause insomnia. The lighting should be just
right for needs like bedtime reading, clothes changing, and going to bathroom at midnight. Bedsides, soft light calms people down, and creates relaxing atmosphere.
BL1002 lamp radiates light through a linen lampshade in an even and moderate manner, ensuring a comfortable and soft lighting.
A free 4W LED bulb is packaged. You can use it directly after unbox the item.

Dimensions: 39x24x24 cm
Lampshade dimensions: 24x15 cm
Weight: 0.711 kg
Color: Linen

If you can’t visualize the calming effect from this lamp being in your bedroom. Just purchase one and experience it for yourself.
If our lamp doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can get your money back instantly.
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