Gaming Mauspad (900 x 400 x 3 mm) GP0618

Huge Size: Measuring 900mm × 300mm, it’s one of the biggest gaming mats on the market. Fits both keyboard and mouse.
Ultra-Smooth Cloth: Tightly woven cloth makes for comfortable, silky-smooth feel and ensures every little mouse movement gets picked up. Perfect for gaming!
Thick Rubber Base: 3mm-thick natural rubber base keeps gamer’s wrist comfortable and safe.
Slip-Proof: Rubber base stamped with tested stabilizing pattern to keep the pad secure and anchored during use.
Made to Last: Seamed on all four sides for maximum durability.

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Massive Measurements

Massive 900mm × 300mm mat easily holds your keyboard while leaving plenty of space for your mouse to manœuvre. It’s one of the largest gaming pads on the market.

Never Miss a Frame

When you’re gaming, every frame counts, so we’ve given the Inateck Gaming Mouse Pad a taut weave to ensure your mouse meets no resistance as it effortlessly glides across the pad. The tightly woven cloth picks up even the most minute mouse movements and doesn’t let your mouse skip a single frame.

Ergonomic Design

The pad’s 3mm-thick natural rubber base cushions your wrist, protecting it from stress and injury over time and giving you a more comfortable experience, so you can game as much as you want without worrying about cramps.

Stable, Slip-Proof Base

A pattern on the bottom holds the pad tightly to the table and never lets it slip, so you don’t have to worry no matter how hard you play

Product Dimensions

12.2 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches