USB Maus mit 3 Tasten Ergonomische Präzisionsmaus MS1001

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DPI 1000 Precision: Precise, quick and smooth cursor movement for pinpoint accuracy.

Ergonomic Design: Use comfortably for long periods of time without any cramps or aches. A soft outer surface provides even more comfort.
3+ Year Lifespan: At least 3 million clicks per button, 300 thousand for the mouse wheel.

Easy-to-Install: No drivers or programs required. Just plug it in and start using.

Additional Features: A durable 1.6m cable to extend your reach, and LED lights that can change color while working look great.
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Ergonomic Design

With 117 x 64.8 x 39 mm dimensions, this Inateck Business Mouse strikes the perfect balance between size and comfort. It’s highly portable, but not so small that it is uncomfortable to use. The design is classic, but ergonomic so you can use for long periods of time without stressing your wrist or hand. The outer surface of the mouse uses soft, high quality materials so your palm and fingers are also comfortable.


Not only is the mouse comfortable to use, but it includes multiple features that make using it easy and convenient. First, it features a 1000 DPI giving you pinpoint cursor accuracy. Next the mouse doesn’t require installation; just plug it in and go. Next it has a durable 1.6 m (5.2 ft) connecting cable to give you extra reach. Finally it includes high-quality integrated LED Lights for when you want to use it in the dark.

Durable & Long Lasting

The mouse’s left and right buttons can be clicked at least 3,000,000 times each, while the mouse wheel can be used up to 300,000 plus times. Depending on how intensely you use the mouse it can last up to 3+ years.


1000 DPI Business Wired USB Optical Mouse with LED Breathing Light for Laptop and Computer