Inateck BK2003 light gray

Inateck BK2003 light gray

Inateck GK2008 black

Colorful LED and Good Compatibility: Consistent, quality LED backlighting day or night, for gaming or work. The GK2008 is compatible with all standard operating systems including Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10, Linux and Mac OS.

95% Anti-Spill: The keyboard is almost completely spill resistant except for the indicator in the top right corner

Anti-Fade Keys: Two-color injection molding process that makes the keys durable and keeps them looking great

Ergonomic Wrist Rest Pad: Keeps your wrists healthy and happy, preventing fatigue from hours of typing or gaming

19 Non-Conflict Keys: Operate up to 19 keys without conflict plus Lock/ Unlock Win key to prevent accidental game interruptions
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Inateck GK2008_black-uk-B072BNWPXT
Beautiful & Practical
Whether gaming late at night or working during the day your desktop deserves a quality keyboard that is both practical and looks great.
The Inateck GK2008 has dependable, durable keys and a beautiful multi-color backlit for just that.

Multi-Color Backlit
The keyboard is made using a two-color molding process. The keys are black and the letters are clear. The backlit is a multi-color LED
that provides consistent beautiful lighting.

Anti-Spill & Anti-Fade
Don’t worry about setting down drinks next to your keyboard or touching it with wet hands. The GK2008 is almost completely spill resistent.
The keys are made using a special molding process that keeps them durable and looking great.

Ergonomic Design
Gaming or working for extended periods of time can strain your wrists and hands. We’ve added an ergonomic wrist rest pad to the GK2008
to keep them comfortable.

Non-Conflict Keys & Win Lock
Play your computer game without accidental interruptions and use every key. The GK2008 lets you use up to 19 keys without conflict plus
Lock / Unlock Win key to prevent accidental game interruptions.
EAN: 6957599323543