Inateck DS1001 black

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Huge Measurement Range, Pinpoint Accuracy: A wide 0.1g to 3000g (106 oz) measurement range with pinpoint accuracy.

Easy to Clean: The pallet uses stainless steel material that is not only durable and wear-free, but is also remarkably easy to clean.

Save Energy: Engages auto-sleep mode after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Intelligent Counting: Switch effortlessly between different measurement units, customize your measurements and use the auto-zero function for simplified counting!

Package: 1*Digital scale, 2* Transparent trays . Please note: 2 AAA batteries required (not included).

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Inateck’s Digital Kitchen Scale -- Measurement Made Easy
Whether it’s the exact amount of spice for a delicious meal, or the exact number of calories for your diet, measuring is something we do every day. Avoid counting, recounting and double-checking using Inateck Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale.

Not only is the DS1001 lightweight, compact and easy to clean; but it is extremely easy to use. Navigating the various functions is straightforward and the results are clearly displayed.

Intelligent Counting
This scale allows users to customize their measurements. For example you can set the base unit to 25 grams. The scale will then factor whatever is being weighed based on the base unit, telling you how many 25 grams are in whatever is being weighted.

Auto-Zero Function
If measuring the contents of a container you can easily deduct the container’s weight with the auto-zero function for a pin-point measurement of its contents.

Quick Swift in Measurement Unit
When we use different units for different stuff, DS1001 supports measurement unit conversion among oz, g, gn, ct, ozt, and dwt. You can just leave the math problem to the digital scale.

Intelligent Durability
Not only does the scale incorporate tough, high-quality materials but it also utilizes overload prevention technology. When a user accidently places a weight on the scale that exceeds the maximum acceptable weight, the overload warning function automatically turns off the device, preventing damage to the device.

Product Details
- Weight: 70z (200g)
- Size: 126mm*103mm*16mm
-Measurable range: 0.1g~3000g (106oz)
Note: Error±0.1‰ , please do not use it to measure valuables such as jewelry.
EAN: 6957599316132