Wireless Door Bell + 80m Signal Range DB1001

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Due to its timeless and simple design, the bell fits into almost all style environments. Additionally, an LED lights up, which can be easily spotted in the dark
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The most recent technology

With the energy-harvesting technology, energy can be produced with even the lightest touch of the transmitter button. Therefore, maintenance and batteries are not required. The button is designed to endure up to 200,000 presses, making it highly durable.

Easy installation

The weatherproof button (IPX-6) can be easily and swiftly attached to smooth surfaces using the double-sided adhesive strips, or mounted onto rough walls using the enclosed screws and anchor bolts. The receiver can simply be operated using any power outlet available.

Huge signal radius

The wireless signal range between sender and receiver reaches up to 80 metres outside your home or up to 30 metres inside. The signal range may be impaired by architectural and constructional restrictions, e.g. thick walls.


Weight: 56 g
Voltage: AC 110-220V
Standby consumption: 0.25 W
Volume: Up to 105 dB

Weight: 40 g
Signal frequency: 433 MHz
Signal output: 10 dBM
Duration: 200,000 Operations


1 x Inateck Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphones 
3 x Silicon Ear Tips (S\M\L)
1 x User Manual

Dimensions: Emitter and Receiver: 67 x 20 mm; Package : 80 x 96 x 90mm

Package contents:

1x Receiver, 1x Emitter, double-sided adhesive strips, 2x Screws, 2x Anchor bolts, Operation manual