Bluetooth Transmitter + Receiver BR1002

Bluetooth Transmitter + Receiver BR1002

Inateck BR1006 black

CD Audio Quality: Under both transmitter and receiver modes, Inateck BR1006 can support aptX HD, the latest audio codec

Short Audio Delay: Supports aptX Low Latency. Experience minimum audio delay when watching videos and TV shows.

Universal Connection: Three most commonly used audio cables are included, which support connection with almost all types of audio device like cellphone, iPod, CD, car audio system, and TV etc.

Dual BT Speaker Connectivity: Supports connection with two Bluetooth speakers/headsets when working as a transmitter.

LED Signal: Easy-to-understand intuitive LED light shows whether the BR1006 is connected using aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX or SBC mode.
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Most Bluetooth audio adapters only support aptX and aptX Low Latency in TX mode.
The BR1006 supports aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX and SBC technology in both transmitter
and receiver modes. aptX HD supports 48 kHz/ 24 bit LPCM audio playback. That’s better than
a CD’s 44.1 kHz/ 16 bit rate. Enjoy sound quality superior to common CD audio.

The Snapdragon 835 chip offers support to aptX HD, which means Samsung S8,
LG G5 and LG G6 could transfer audio data with Inateck BR1006 using aptX HD.

Intuitive LED Indicator
The unique LED indicator makes using the BR1006 simple and straightforward:
aptX HD Blue LED Light flashes 4 times in 10 seconds.
aptX Low Latency Blue LED Light flashes 3 times in 10 seconds.
aptX Blue LED Light flashes 2 times in 10 seconds.
AAC/SBC Blue LED Light flashes 1 in 10 seconds.
Green LED Light shines continuously when connected to 2 wireless Bluetooth speakers/headsets under TX mode.

IConnect to Any Audio Device
In addition to bluetooth ability, we’ve included a 3.5mm Aux audio cable, a RCA to Aux female adapter cable,
and a 3.5mm Aux audio converter. This allows you to connect devices, televisions and speakers.
IMore Tips
New pleasant sounding reminder beep
Reset the device by pressing multi-function button when it is charged.
You can charge while using the device.The BR1006 can automatically pair with the
device it ever connects with.
Two Inateck BR1006(s) can be paired up if one is under receiver mode and the other
under transmitter mode.
Bluetooth version V4.1, Class ll
Bluetooth chip CSR BC8675
Battery life: around 13 hours
Charging time: around 2 hours
Bluetooth protocol A2DP AVRCP
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EAN: 6957599324663