Smartphone Car Mount ST1008

Flexible Installation: PU and PVC injection mode allows suction cups to stick to any smooth or rough surface, while the free air conditioning vent clips can be used to attach it to any vent.

Adjust to Perfection: Ball joint allows 360° vertical and horizontal rotation. Grooved wheel on back adjusts tightness.

Flexible Compatibility: Clamp gap adjustable from 2.09in. to 3.43in. Compatible with phone models between 3.5in. and 6.5in. in length, including a variety of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.

Clean and Scratch-Proof: Long-term use does not leave marks on dashboard. Can be washed between uses. Feet and clamps made from silicone to protect your device from scratches.

Minimalist Design: Compact and unobstructive, allows you a clear line of vision and doesn’t take up much space.

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Plenty of Installation Options

The windshield, the dashboard or even the AC vent—all are great spots for the Inateck Car Cradle. Its suction cup come with PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) injection modes, allowing it to stick to any smooth or rough surface in your car, while an alternative base lets you clip it to the AC vent. No matter what the internal layout of your vehicle is you can use the Car Cradle.

Versatile Rotation

View your phone from just about any angle thanks to a ball joint that lets you rotate the arm 360° vertically and horizontally. The Inateck Car Cradle lets you make minute adjustments to the angle of your phone so you can view it from whatever perspective you’d like.

Broad Compatibility

The Inateck Car Cradle works with a wide variety of phones. You can adjust the gap between the clamps from 2.09in. to 3.43in., giving most phones a tight, secure fit. It’s perfect for phone models between 3.5in. and 6.5in. in length, such as Apple’s iPhone 5, 5 plus, 6, 6 plus, 7 and 7 plus and Samsung’s Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 and Note 7, among many others.

Washable and Safe

You can wash the suction cup from time to time without affecting its performance. If you use it for long stretches of time, you can rest assured that it won’t leave marks on your dashboard, your windshield or other surfaces. Moreover, both the feet and the clamping arm have been crafted from soft silicone to protect your device from getting scratched, so even heavy use will leave your phone perfectly intact.


Designed to be as small and unobstructive as possible, the Inateck Car Cradle won’t get in your way while you drive and won’t take up unnecessary space. Enjoy a clear view of the road and an uncluttered dashboard with easy access to your phone.

Product Dimensions

1 x 1 x 1 inchesItem Weight: 1 pounds

EAN: 6957599319126