USB 3.0 HDD Tool Free External Enclosure

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Score : 4.8   ( 73 Customer Reviews )
  • InterfaceUSB 3.0
  • Weight68g / 2.4oz
  • Size136 x 84 x 11mm / 5.35 x 3.31 x 4.17in
  • Fit7mm / 9.5mm 2.5'' / 3.5'' SATA HDD / SSD
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  • FEU3NS-1 USB 3.0 HDD Tool Free External Enclosure  0
  • FEU3NS-1 USB 3.0 HDD Tool Free External Enclosure  1
  • FEU3NS-1 USB 3.0 HDD Tool Free External Enclosure  2
  • FEU3NS-1 USB 3.0 HDD Tool Free External Enclosure  3
FEU3NS-1 USB 3.0 HDD Tool Free External Enclosure
USB 3.o Hub with Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter


FEU3NS-1 USB 3.0 HDD External Enclosure

Delicate and simple appearance, precise and high quality crafting, unique ergonomic appearance and structure, light and convenient to carry; Standard USB3.0 interfaces on both ends of the cable, easy and fast data access and transfer.

Suitable for memory expansion with laptop PC; film, image and media processing, data exchange between computers in business, education, and household; quick and easy data backup.



● Suitable for 9.5mm and below thickness 2.5'' SATA HDD; Converts any 9.5mm & 7mm 2.5'' SATA HDD/SSD into an external hard drive for ultimate mobility and convenience; Built-in foam pad, protect hard disk effectively.

● Compatible operating systems with Windows 2000/Windows Me/Windows 98/ XP /Vista/ 7/ 8, Mac OS 9.1/10.8.4 above; Backward compatible with USB 2.0 /1.1 connections.


● A USB 3.0 HDD Case;
● A USB3.0 Cable (About 70cm);
● A User Manual
● High-quality standard USB 3.0 interface with long service time; Easy to use power switch offers protection to hard drives; Tool free, No Reboot and Additional Driver is needed, easy to install and disassemble; LED activity indicator.

● SuperSpeed USB 3.0 supports transfer rates up to 5 Gbps - The actual transmission speed is limited by the setting of the device connected; Support hot-swap,Plug &play.


Please Note

Package contains an extra foam sticker for 7 mm thickness hard drives, You should attach the sticker to the original one inside the lid before you insert the hard drive; 12.5 mm hard drives might be incompatible with this product.

Dimitris Gontzes

Excellent product. I wanted to remove the hard drive from my fried HP laptop and plug it in my new one.- Perfect fit for my Sata2 hard drive- Extremely easy to use (it took me 5 minutes!)- On/off button very useful- Looks nice :)Tip: check your Hard Drive specs and size before buying the product as it may not be the right size.

Simon Watkins

Nice enclosure, easy to fit drive, decent build quality, very fast with the SSD I've put in it. I've docked it 1 mark for 2 reasons. The on/off switch is a bit cheap, but the other more worrying thing and we'll see how it develops, is the occasional random disconnect for no apparent reason. Will update if this becomes more than an infrequent event.

S. G. Griffiths

Being entirely fabricated from plastic this is not the most robust of enclosures but it's reasonably priced and easy to use.Tool-free installation of drives is a big time saver.The supplied USB cable is a little too short and quite stiff but overall the product does what I need with no problems at all.I'd recommend this product for occasional use but not for 'road warriors' who would be better of with a metal enclosure.

HereBeMonsters "HereBeMonsters"

I've had loads of these types of things now, and this is the best so far. Really easy to open and install the drive, no fiddly little screws required.It also only uses one USB port, leaving you with a spare on your PC/laptop - and as my laptop only has two, this is really useful to me. It's as fast as my SATA hard drive will allow, and works well on PC, Mac and even with a Raspberry Pi.I've tested with a couple of drives, including SSDs, and they all work fine.Very happy, and will be buying more.

Jason Simpson

I don't normally get enclosures too often because I feel they can be a hassle and most hassle-free ones can get pricey. Saw this for the price it is at and just had to give it a try. All I can say is perfect as it fit my needs and no issues with it at all.

Q1. Why am I unable to eject driver safely?
Please make sure no extra program or data transfer is running.

Q2. Since the Inateck HDD docking station/enclosure is hot swappable. Can I plug the USB cable or disconnect power supply at any time?
Please don’t do so considering data security and life safety. Before doing that, please make sure the data transfer is finished, then select “delete HDD safely” and ensure the drive is successfully ejected.

Q3. Why is the hard drive disconnecting from the computer while transferring data?
1. Make sure the USB cable is firmly connected to PC.
2. Taking defective cable into consideration, try another USB cable.

Q4. The transfer speed of the UASP enabled product(FD1002/FD1003/FE2002/FE2003) shows no difference from the regular USB 3.0 products, why is this?
Inateck FD1002/FD1003 HDD docking station and Inateck FE2002/FE2003 HDD external enclosure utilize ASM1053E chipset, enhanced with UASP, which helps accelerate read and write speeds for SSD, but not so much faster rate for HDD.

Q5. Why is my hard drive unable to be recognized?
1. Make sure the USB and SATA cables are connected correctly, as well as power cable if included.
2. Go to “Computer management”, select “Disk management,” you should be able to locate the external hard drive. If so, please operate according to messages displayed. If not, please contact customer service for support. Please note that hard drive format (eg. EaFAT, NTFS) will also affect recognition.

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