Inateck FDU3C-2 2-bay USB 3.0 HDD Docking Station with Clone Function

FDU3C-2 2-bay USB3.0 Docking Station with Clone Function

Super Speed USB3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station is an ideal solution for you to enjoy your videos, photos, music and files easily by plug in any 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD. Ready for Plug & Play/Hot Swap and no Additional Driver is needed.Tool Free design allow to plug in Hard Drive without tools & screws in 3 seconds and You are free to unplug it & plug in another HDD/SSD.


When operating in offline duplication mode, the station must not be reconnected to any supporting computer platform, as this interrupts and stops the process immediately. Additionally, it is strongly advised that the target drive (B) features a bigger capacity than the source drive (A). Drives of the same type and the same capacity might work, but any discrepancy leads to an imminent processing failure as described above.


● Designed for 2.5''/3.5''SATA HDD/SSD and equipped with USB3.0 supper speed interface

● Super Speed USB3.0 offer Speed up to 5Gbps, Ten times of USB2.0

● Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 2000/ XP /Vista/ 7/ 8, Mac OS 9.1/10.8.4 above


● USB 3.0 & SDD HDD SATA Docking Station
● USB 3.0 Cable
● Installation CD
● 12V/4A Power Adapter
● manual
● Hot Swap , Plug and Play , No Reboot and Additional Driver is needed; LED activity indicator, clear and informative display; Perfect solutions for your external storage

● Tool - Free design allow to mount Hard Drive in three second without Tools and Mounting Screws , Allow to accessing multi Hard Drives Externally and Easily

Please Note

● Duplication on the computer using Computer-based duplication can only be done on Windows interface and Windows-compatible formats (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS). Other operating system environments can duplicate themselves independently.
● The unit should always be turned off before removing and replacing drives.
● The online clone function can not be used under the system of Mac OS X 10.8.4 and Linux. If you want to use the clone function, please do off-line clone. You can access the data and computer-based cloning with Windows system.
● Attention before clone:
a. TARGET HDD's capacity must be larger than SOURCE HDD, otherwise the CLONE cannot be completed. (Same capacity is also not acceptable)
b. Before cloning, we strongly recommend users to check and backup the data in target drivers (if any). Once the cloning started, the target driver will be formatted and the process must not be artificially interrupted.
c. Before cloning, please make sure that there aren't any bad sectors on the drives in use, as to avoid data transfer errors, overheating and damage to the station itself due to recursive transfer attempts when encountering bad sectors. To verify the drive's integrity, a diagnose with a program like HD Tune Pro is highly recommended.
Q1. Why is my hard drive unable to be recognized?
1. Make sure the USB and SATA cables are connected correctly, as well as power cable if included.
2. Go to “Computer management”, select “Disk management,” you should be able to locate the external hard drive. If so, please operate according to messages displayed. If not, please contact customer service for support. Please note that hard drive format (eg. EaFAT, NTFS) will also affect recognition.
Q2. Why is the docking station unfit for IDE HDD?
Sorry about that, Inateck HDD docking stations only support SATA HDD. If necessary, please choose an IDE to SATA converter.
Q3. Why is the hard drive disconnecting from the computer while transferring data?
1. Make sure the USB cable is firmly connected to PC.
2. Taking defective cable into consideration, try another USB cable.
Q4. Since the Inateck HDD docking station/enclosure is hot swappable. Can I plug the USB cable or disconnect power supply at any time?
Please don’t do so considering data security and life safety. Before doing that, please make sure the data transfer is finished, then select “delete HDD safely” and ensure the drive is successfully ejected.
Q5. Why am I unable to eject driver safely?
Please make sure no extra program or data transfer is running.

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