Macbook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve for Retina Macbook Pro

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Score : 4.8   ( 77 Customer Reviews )
  • MaterialFelt
  • Size39x28cm
  • Fits devices15' Retina MacBook Pro
  • ColorGray
  • MP1300
  • MP1301
  • MP1302
  • MP1303
  • MP1500
  • MP1502
  • MP1503
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  • MP1500 Macbook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve for Retina Macbook Pro 0
  • MP1500 Macbook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve for Retina Macbook Pro 1
  • MP1500 Macbook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve for Retina Macbook Pro 2
  • MP1500 Macbook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve for Retina Macbook Pro 3
MP1500 Macbook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve for Retina Macbook Pro
USB 3.o Hub with Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter

Macbook 15 Inch Case Cover
Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve for
Retina Macbook Pro


All-round Protection with style

High-quality felt outside and soft flannel inside Synthetic
leather Velcro closure for best security Lining material is mold-proof,
wear-resisting and does not scratch the computer
Felt absorbs shock and protects your device at all times

More than just a laptop case

Size:39cm * 28cm (Suitable for 15' Retina MacBook Pro)
One main compartment for laptop and second compartment
for magazines, books, tablet, etc.
Two back pockets lined with flannel for cellphone, earphones, wallet, etc.
Additional gift: small felt bag for power adapter or mouse.

  • Size: 39cm * 28cm
  • Two back pockets
  • Small felt bags

Exquisite design while protecting
the environment

Practical design and exquisite workmanship
Environmentally friendly material.
Sustainable, renewable
Please note: Dry clean only!

High quality felt give this laptop sleeve the perfect balance
between timeless design and highest functionality.
At the same time,
synthetic fibre is a sustainable, plastic-free and metal-free
material which makes the sleeve environmentally friendly.
The laptop cover is very durable
and soft to the touch.


The Inateck BTA-CSR4B5 is a simple and easy way to add Bluetooth support to your Desktop or Laptop.The adapter comes in nice frustration free packaging, so you won't cut your fingers open trying to remove the adapter from the plastic container.***** In The Box *****1 x BTA-CSR4B5 Bluetooth Adapter1 x Mini CD (Driver installation disk)***** Installation *****Before I connected the BTA-CSR4B5 to my laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate (x64), i downloaded the Bluetooth Adapter drivers from Inateck's website and ran the installer. After several minutes had passed, the drivers were installed and i plugged the adapter into one of the USB ports. Windows immediately recognised the adapter and configured it to use the drivers i had just installed and a new Bluetooth icon appeared in the Windows Task Bar.Adding a Bluetooth device was simply a case of double clicking on the Bluetooth icon and then clicking the add device button.***** Testing *****I tested the adapter by connecting several different Bluetooth devices, including a small SpeedLijnk mouse, a Sony SRS BTV5 speaker, ASUS SL101 Tablet, Sony Xperia S Smartphone and a Sony Wireless Headset.All of my devices connected to the adapter easily and file transfers between devices was simple and reasonably fast.***** Conclusion *****The Inateck BTA-CSR4B5 is a great little device. It's low profile makes it ideal for laptops as it doesn't stick out of the USB port very far.In testing, i was able to stream music from my laptop in a room upstairs, to a Bluetooth speaker in my living room downstairs without a hiccup.If i stream music using the built-in Bluetooth radio of my laptop and also try to use my Bluetooth mouse at the same time, i often get "jumps/pauses" in the streaming audio, but when i tried the same thing using the Inateck BTA-CSR4B5 adapter, the music did not miss a beat.Unfortunately none of my Bluetooth audio devices have support for Apt-X, so i cannot comment on that, but i will definitely be looking to buy an Apt-X compatible headset in the near future.Overall i am extremely happy with the Inateck BTA-CSR4B5 and would certainly recommend it to anybody that wants to add Bluetooth functionality to their PC/Laptop.


As others have said, the aptX facility really makes the sound on my new headphones (Bluedio R+) quite astonishing (in a good way).Just one thing, although the adaptor is recognised by Windows 7, it only installs generic drivers that do not handle audio devices, so I wasted a few minutes trying to pair my headphones and got as far as them being recognised, but no further. I googled Inatech and my schoolboy German allowed me to find the proper drivers. These install without a hitch and I'm now looking for hearing specialist.You can download the drivers from

R. Mathies

Not much to it, the adapter is small and is easily configurable for the Raspberry PI, no special drivers needed. Do note that the power supply for the Raspberry PI (ref B) needs at least 700 mAh (preferably 1 Ampere) so that this Bluetooth adapter functions correctly.


does exactly what I want it to: no muss, no fuss.I got this to connect my bluetooth headphones to my computer after its soundcard failed on me. I feared that because I was using linux mint, this would not work (it did not mention any kind of linux support on the box) but, sure enough, the moment I plugged it in, it worked, no driver searches, nothing.connecting it to my headphones was a doddle and I am entirely content with the sound I am getting from this. What more needs to be said?

K-Roo "K-Roo"

I ordered this Inateck Bluetooth device to add Bluetooth to my laptop. Years ago, I once tried to add Bluetooth to an earlier PC via a Belkin dongle but the whole process with manual setting-up became too fiddly and eventually I gave up – and I am not even a novice! This experience couldn’t have been more different: installation was so easy – simply plug in the device then install the driver from the enclosed CD. I then enabled Bluetooth on my phone and tablet without needing to do anything further to my laptop (not even browse for a program to manually enable Bluetooth) and the laptop was found instantly.It has added full Bluetooth functionality to my laptop so now all gadgets – ie phone, tablet, mp3 player and laptop can communicate with each other. In this case, there is no need for any user-input other than inserting the dongle and CD so it’s quick and easy and takes only about 3 minutes. Having struggled with the Belkin model years ago, I was anticipating a few difficulties or to at least have to enter some settings but no, nothing at all was needed.My laptop is now fully Bluetooth-enabled and next I will be adding it to my aged PC. With all my other gadget Bluetooth-enabled from purchase, I’d missed being able to share files etc between these and my laptop and had been copying to SD-card to transfer. Now everything is working seamlessly together with files transferred without having to use external memory cards, I can stream music between my phone and laptop speakers, enjoy hands-free audio, backup/sync and restore contacts, print to a Bluetooth printer and, thanks to the list of features on the installation screen, I’ve discovered I can even use my smartphone as a web camera – something I hadn’t actually thought of so thank you to Inateck for the idea!

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