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15 Inch MacBook Pro Retina
Inateck 15 Inch MacBook Felt Sleeve, Velcro Closure (Gray)

4.720588235294118 5

Model: MP1500

Inateck MacBook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve

MacBook 15 Inch Case Cover
Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve for
Retina MacBook Pro


Inateck MacBook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve 1st

All-round Protection with style

High-quality felt outside and soft flannel inside Synthetic
leather Velcro closure for best security Lining material is mold-proof,
wear-resisting and does not scratch the computer
Felt absorbs shock and protects your device at all times

Inateck MacBook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve 2nd
Inateck MacBook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve 3rd

More than just a laptop case

Size:395 x 265 x 8mm (Suitable for 15' Retina MacBook Pro)
One main compartment for laptop and second compartment
for magazines, books, tablet, etc.
Two back pockets lined with flannel for cellphone, earphones, wallet, etc.
Additional gift: small felt bag for power adapter or mouse.

Inateck MacBook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve 4th
  • Size: 395 x 265 x 8mm
    (15.55 x 10.43 x 0.31in)
  • Two back pockets
  • Small felt bags

Exquisite design while protecting
the environment

Practical design and exquisite workmanship
Environmentally friendly material.
Sustainable, renewable
Please note: Dry clean only!

Inateck MacBook 15 Inch Case Cover Laptop Bag Felt Sleeve 5th

High quality felt give this laptop sleeve the perfect balance
between timeless design and highest functionality.
At the same time,
synthetic fibre is a sustainable, plastic-free and metal-free
material which makes the sleeve environmentally friendly.
The laptop cover is very durable
and soft to the touch.



Amazon Customer write in

Great quality, really soft, appears to be enough protection and is really professional/casual looking! I loved it!


very *nice*

R. Guthrie write in

My laptop bag got stolen, so I needed to replace it. the last one was heavy and bulky, so this is the opposite - lightweight and very paired-down. I like that it's made of felt, it's easy to carry. The felt hasn't bobbled or rubbed after carrying it around alot, so that's a plus. Yes, it doesn't have a strap/handle, but that's part of why I bought it. I haven't yet used the power-cable storage pouch, but the main case is great for carrying both my laptop AND some paperwork and a notepad. The velcro is strong and seems to be well stitched in, so I don't feel like it's going to give way or come loose with frequency of use. Overall a good purchase.


Nice, snug sleeve.

DiAnneLM write in

I don't think I've gotten so many compliments on a computer sleeve. I work in higher ed, so I carry my computer everywhere, and everywhere I go, people ask about this sleeve. They think it's expensive, comment on the style of it, and quip that they've, "never seen a sleeve like that, before."I bought this product along with a keyboard skin for the 15" MacBook Pro. What attracted me most was the tan leather strip detail at the closure of the pouch. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the other compartment. Regarding the sleeve, in color and look, it is exactly as pictured in the photos. It is a perfectly snug fit. The inner material is like a soft flannel (I guess). I feel confident that this contributes to the small padded snugness. I use snug to mean that, there is not a lot of "play" between the computer and the sleeve. I like that. The closure is a velcro closure, and, to date, I've not had problems.There are small pockets on the outside of the sleeve; however, they are so tight, I'm not sure what could fit inside. I wouldn't put my phone in there, and I believe it may slip in with some doing quite easily, but my phone is in a case, and the case is a little too bulky for the outside pocket. Besides, I like the sleek look of the sleeve with just the computer inside.The small pouch that comes with the sleeve is to hold other accoutrements, I assume--maybe the computer cord. My MAC came with a small envelope that contained a screen cleaner. I put the cloth inside of the pouch and drop it in my purse. I also put a spare pair of glasses in the pouch. Honestly, though, the purchase would have been fine with out it.If you're looking for a sleeve that is a professional fashion statement, as well as a useful item at a really good price, I say go for this one. It has worked perfectly for me.


So So

G_W1Z write in

This bag is nice, but just ok. These days I go with different kings of bags, so it felt weird just carrying this alone. I understand I could put it within a larger bag, but I kept feeling like I wished this had a handle of some sort.This bag is basically a large piece of felt. It is nice looking and I enjoy the pockets and compartments.


Great Laptop Case!

mrebecca write in

This is a wonderful laptop case. I love the look, and it keeps my MacBook Pro safe from harm! The charger carrier is wonderful as well! I would definitely recommend this product!

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