Inateck 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger

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  • Weight170g / 5.9oz
  • Size90 x 80 x 35mm / 3.55 x 3.15 x 1.38in
  • Interface2 x 5V / 1A charging ports; 2 x 5V / 2.4A USB charging ports intelligent charge
  • SpecificationsEU / US Standard
  • 1Port
  • 2Port
  • 4Port
  • 5Port
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UC4001 Inateck 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger
Stereo Bluetooth Portable Speaker for ipad Tablets Smartphones with Stand
Inateck UC4001 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger 1st


Inateck Portable 30W 4-port USB Travel Wall Charger White

Fast and Reliable for External Battery

Works in a wide range of voltage and guaranteed fast recharging with 2.4 amps: 10% faster
than other standard chargers that only reach a speed of 2 amps! Charge two devices
at the same time! 30W strong power ensures fast charging
of four devices - simultaneously!

Inateck UC4001 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger 2nd

The perfect companion for mobile power

Our mobile USB charger is the best alternative to charge electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone, other cellphones and anything with USB charging mode! The smart IC chip is compatible with Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and many more renowned brands' products. Perfect for on the go: battery low? Just plug it in and charge your device!

Inateck UC4001 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger 3rd

Design meets Technology

Simple design for best functionality! Our charger has an excellent solid
structure against overload and over-heating to ensure correct and
safe operation at all times. It is also an all-in-one charger
that you will prefer to carry with you on the go
as it provides a power hub for you and
your family during your vacation.

Inateck UC4001 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger 4th


Inateck UC4001 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger 5th

Inateck UC4001 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger 6th

Standard USB interfaces

Plug & Play. Informative and distinctive LED indicator,
fast and clear indication of operation status.

Inateck UC4001 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger 7th

Eric W.

I purchased 4 of these and 10 mini usb wires so my wife would stop stealing my charger in my bedroom. One for each nightstand and two for wherever downstairs two wires for each. They seem to work well but i haven't timed their performance to see if there is a true difference in the ports. I keep a cord in each of the higher power ports and never use the other 'normal' power ports. I purchased the 4 port model be cause it was the only one with 2 high power ports and i typically have a phone and a tablet yo charge. If you have a charger stealing wife like me I would recommend you order 4 as well.

Walter F Rodriguez

Being a gadget guy means trying to find a way to keep all your gadgets charged. Usually this involves getting extension cords that tangle and trying to fit all those plugs in at once - it's never pretty. But this 4-port USB wall charger makes it easy AND keeps things neat!I've got two other usb wall chargers for my house, but I didn't have one to use at work. I found out about Inateck's product and decided to give it a try as my device charging station at work.First things first - the packaging. You know when you get an iphone or a Samsung phone and the box looks and feels amazing? You know you're getting a high-quality product because even the packaging makes it feel high-end. Well, Inateck delivers here. The packaging on this thing makes it seem like there's a brand new iPhone inside and that's rare for devices like these. It's definitely a really nice touch and instantly made me feel like I'd made a smart decision by going with Inateck on this.Once you get the device out of the beautiful packaging and wrapping, you see the attention to design detail on this thing that really makes it stand out. You've got 2 universal charge USB ports that'll charge any rechargeable USB devices and two Super Charge USB ports that will also quick-charge devices that are Super Charge capable, like the latest Samsung Galaxy phones. The ports are clearly labeled and, if you turn the wall charger over, you'll note one of my favorite things about it - the prongs that plug into the outlet can be neatly folded up into the unit itself. This is great for anyone who does much traveling, because they won't stick out which can cause them to break as they're jostled inside your bag, or can break other things. It's the little details like this that set this product apart from everything else on the market.I tested out my Nexus 7 tablet and my Samsung Galaxy S4 on the wall charger at work all week and they both charged well on all the ports, but, as expected, they charged significantly faster (twice as fast for the cell phone and at least a third as fast on the tablet) on the Super Charge ports.WRAP-UP:Everything about this product makes it best-in-class, from the well-thought-out design, to the performance in use, to the care taken in the packaging. It's so good that I actually started looking up other Inateck products (apparently they aren't all available in the US but I did pick up their OTG USB Hub) and using them. If you need a great wall-charger that looks as good as it performs, this is the one to get.

Barbara Rhoades "Jackie of all Trades"

This is a 3.5 x 1.5 x 3.5 inch sized 4 port wall charger. The plug folds flat so it is easy to put in your device case for traveling – no prongs to get in the way. It can be used for iPhone, Kindle, iPad, iPod, Smartphones, 5V Tablets, Bluetooth Speakers and other USB-powered devices.Of the four ports, two as specified as super charger/S and two are universal/U ports. The super ports will charge any device and the universal are for phones, GPS, MP3, MP4, Bluetooth headsets and external battery packs. It has an internal surge protector.If you need a charger that will charge more than one item at a time and they have different charging needs, this nicely compact wall charger will definitely do the trick.

Bad in Bahston

Powerful little charger which replaces individual chargers. Enough ports to handle most charging stations in the home. What most people don't know is Apple ships the iPhone 6 with the lowest possible power charger. The iPhone can charge quicker using the higher speed IPad 2.1 amp charger. This gives you all the power you need for quick charging.


Have been on the road a lot within the U.S. this past month, and this has been a really valuable resource for keeping all of our devices charged in situations where multiple plugs are not available. Would not travel without it!

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