4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger

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Score : 4.9   ( 9 Customer Reviews )
  • Weight120g
  • Size90x80x35mm
  • Interface2x 5V/1A charging ports; 2x 5V/2.4A USB charging ports intelligent charge
  • SpecificationsEU/US Standard
  • 1Port
  • 2Port
  • 4Port
  • 5Port
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  • UC4001 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger 0
  • UC4001 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger 1
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UC4001 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger
Ultra slim Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth 4.0


Inateck Portable 30W 4-port USB Travel Wall Charger White

Fast and Reliable for External Battery

Works in a wide range of voltage and guaranteed fast recharging with 2.4 amps: 10% faster
than other standard chargers that only reach a speed of 2 amps! Charge two devices
at the same time! 30W strong power ensures fast charging
of four devices - simultaneously!

The perfect companion for mobile power

Our mobile USB charger is the best alternative to charge electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone, other cellphones and anything with USB charging mode! The smart IC chip is compatible with Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and many more renowned brands' products. Perfect for on the go: battery low? Just plug it in and charge your device!

Design meets Technology

Simple design for best functionality! Our charger has an excellent solid
structure against overload and over-heating to ensure correct and
safe operation at all times. It is also an all-in-one charger
that you will prefer to carry with you on the go
as it provides a power hub for you and
your family during your vacation.


Standard USB interfaces

Plug & Play. Informative and distinctive LED indicator,
fast and clear indication of operation status.


Length:: 4:18 MinsThis is a nice travel charger that will charge four devices simultaneously. It has 4 USB ports and two of them are super powerful ports that will output 5 VDC at 2.4 Amps. That is the power that an Apple iPad Air likes to charge at when it is very low. The other two ports on the wall charger output 5 VDC at 1 Amp and that is ideal for charging your smart phones.The unit has flip out AC wall charger plugs and that is a nice feature if you toss this into a backpack, computer bag, carry-on luggage or just pack it away in a bag or briefcase. In my video I show it charging four items at one time and it worked perfectly while outputting over 5 amps. The unit has a max output of 6 amps. I was charging:* Two iPhone 5S units at 1 Amp each* An iPad Air at 2.04 Amps* A Samsung Tab 4 at .95 AmpsThe unit will operate on 100 to 240 VAC and 50/60 HZ. It is surge protected to protect it and your devices that are charging. The unit has an LED that is blue and it is on when the unit is plugged into the wall. It is very dim and that is good for me as I don't like bright LEDs in the hotel bedroom or in my bedroom at night.My only minor complaint is that the unit when plugged in covers enough of the other AC wall outlet that you cannot use the other AC wall power outlet. That means you are using one and losing one and in a hotel room that sometimes can be a problem. I still liked the unit a lot and I rated it at 5 stars. I particularly liked the ability to output 2.4 amps for my iPad Air and the ability to charge 4 items.I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation. A review was not promised to the supplier in exchange for the sample but I stated that if I provided a review that it would be fair and honest.


Length:: 0:42 Minsi have 4 devices so this unit was perfect for my needs or anybody sick of having usb cables all over the house. shipping was on time and unit was secure and safe and inside the box is a INATECK 4 Port Wall Charger and user manual and the manual was simple to read and unit easy to use regardless but nice to have incase its needed. the unit is sturdy, with a good weight to it which i liked as i just plugged unit in wall and now im ready to charge all my devices at once. unit also has a blue LED thats bright but i like that fact because i charge mostly at night and its easy to see without turning on the light. i tested the unit with a Iphone 5/GS4/GS5 and a ipad and no issues there using your devices usb. 2x 5V/2.4A (Super Charger) Interfaces: Supports 5V USB charged devices on sale (Most types of mobile phones,tablet PCs or digital devices);2x 5V/1A (Universal) Interfaces: Supports smart phones from iPhone, Samsung & other 1A USB devices are the spcs for the unit and those pretty much cover anybody looking to make charging your devices easy.and for under $15 its a must for families or person with multiple devices. i have used other usb wall chargers but a key selling point to this unit is the built in surge protector which is also CE&FCC certified and in my opinion with the costs of our devices that is a great feature and also unit is premium high power enabled to allow full speed charging. really liked the product overall and the price is lowest i have seen plus all its features make it a must.

A.J. - Mom of 1

❤❤❤ this charger. I've tried numerous multi port chargers for as long as I've had iPhones & iPads (my 'collection' started with models # 1). All of the multi-port chargers I've owned have stunk. Specifically, no matter how many ports I tried, (& I've had up to 4), the charger would only adequately charge 1 item at a time; also, some chargers would charge iPhones but not iPads, and so on... This time I wanted to make sure that I got a charger that actually charged as advertized.I did hours of research before narrowing my choice. I wanted factory performance for each port, no matter what I charged in said port. Also, just to push the 'ask' a little higher, I wanted a sustainable solution for future gadgets which I plan to own at a future date...My family currently owns a menagerie of:- 3 iPads; iPad 3 Retna, iPad 1, & iPad Mini (1st edition)- 3 iPhones; 2 iPhone 5's & 1 iPhone 4S- 1 Kindle- et. al.Also, I anticipate adding the following as soon as their released:- 3 iPhone 6's- 1 iPad Air 2Wanting to match the performance of the factory charger for each device owned, I visited the apple site and noted the watts and amps of each charger that came with all the iThing we own + the ones we plan to buy. The results were all over the place, i.e., the iPad 1 charger has 10 watts and 2.0 amps while the iPad Retina charger has 12 watts & 2.4 amps, it was clear that I needed a charger that was capable of charging gadgets with various watts and amps. Moreover during my research I learned that charger needed to have some type of protection so as not to 'kill' the iThings by overcharging them. Dr. Google warned that this was a real issue with disastrous results. In sum, I wanted a fast charge but I didn't want to 'kill' my iPad 1 by using the 2.4 amp port when it's designed for a 2.0 amp port.Based on my findings, I narrowed down the choices to 2 different 4 port Chargers. Unable to decide, I bought them both, they are:This charger: the Inateck which has 30 Watts, 2 ports @ 2.4 amps, 2 ports @ 1.0 ampsThe other charger: the GadgetSys Dual USB ports External Battery Pack 10400mAh High Capacity Portable Backup Power Bank Concurrent Fastest USB Portable Charger for iPad Air iPad Mini 2 iPhone 5S Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy S4 Nexus 7 Nokia Smartphones and Tablets which has 39 Watts,2 ports @ 2.4 amps, 2 ports @ 1.5 ampsI've now had a chance to use both chargers and compare their performance. In sum, both Chargers ROCK; they are VERY similar in both size & output. In fact, I can't really tell a difference in performance between the two. Both chargers have a 'smart stop' or some technology to ensure your devise doesn't overcharge or overheat. Further, both chargers claim to match the output to the exact amount needed by your device. Also, even though the GadgetSys has 9 more watts, I found that both chargers perform just about the same.Please note, these chargers are not physically identical, there's enough of a difference to see that each was made by a different mold. I'd half assumed when ordering that both chargers may have been made at the same factory and simply given a slight upgrade and different name, however, that's not the case...In summary, I believe you'll be happy if you purchase either charger. Both chargers charge all of my devices as well as the factory chargers and both claim that they will not 'kill' my iThings. Personally, I ❤❤❤ having only 1 charger vs. 4. As for the 2 multiport chargers I bought, I use 1 at home and keep one in my suitcase for travel.

C S Vemuri

Updated June 25th:I am updating the review on account of awesome customer service I have received since I posted the issue. Inateck not only contacted me right away but also took plenty of details regarding the test. By this point I had already returned the charger back to amazon (that was on Inateck's advice). After thorough testing they determined that the 4th port still works for charging electronics that draw lower current (upto 1Amp). I have confirmed that as well. The company not only thanked me for the thorough testing I had done but also send me a replacement free of charge. A+ for customer service.The concept is fantastic and the packaging and product looks great. When it comes to function, I encountered a weird issue. As mentioned in the material and on Amazon product description page, the first two ports (top two that are labelled Super Charger/S) are for charging heavy duty and most recent smartphones that are able to charge at 2 Amps. No problems here. Both our iPads and my Galaxy S5 charges perfectly. The issue came when I plugged the iPad into the last port (the one that's labelled Universal/U). This port is capable of charging at 1 Amp max, that's very clear. The issue cropped up when the 2 Amp ports were both occupied and I ended up plugging our iPad into the last port fully expecting it to charge but at a lower charge rate (similar to charging the iPad with an iPhone charger if you will). The iPad briefly switched to the charging display but quickly went into the "Not Charging" notification mode. I thought that was very weird as I am able to charge the iPad with even a 500 mAmps port on our surge protector.My initial suspicion was may be the charger was over loaded. So I disconnected all electronics and plugged just the iPad into the 4th port all the way at the bottom. No go, same message pops up "Not Charging". Now I unplugged the said iPad and plugged in another iPad to rule out device issue, same problem persisted. Having ruled out defect with the iPads, I plugged in the iPad into the 3rd port which again is a 1 Amp port. No issues here. iPad was happily getting charged.As a final test, I plugged in a USB current/Voltage monitor in series and repeated my experiment. For some reason the 4th port would only output at most 350-400 mAmps when the iPad was connected. I contacted the manufacturer about this weird behavior. Unfortunately the only reply I got back from them was to return the product back to Amazon. They said the the port will not charge an iPad.So after extensive product troubleshooting, this baby is going back. Wish this had worked for me.Looking at the other reviews I suspect I might have gotten a lemon but at the same time not sure if other reviewers actually tried what I did.

Michael Chang

Pretty good charger, several companies seem to make this same type. It is most likely just one manufacture. So far, it has worked as expected, being about to charge my iPad, my phone, and my external battery at the same time without issue. It thing is much bigger than you would expect. It is 50% bigger than a pack of cigarettes. I do not smoke, size just for reference. It does have a problem with holding itself up when pulled into a looser wall socket. Recommend using it with a horizontal surge protector.

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