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Inateck 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger

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Score : 4.6   ( 56 Reviews from )
  • Weight120g / 4.23oz
  • Size100 x 105 x 30mm / 3.94 x 4.13 x 1.18in
  • Interface4 x 5V / 1.5A charging ports
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  • UC4002 Inateck 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 0
  • UC4002 Inateck 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 1
  • UC4002 Inateck 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 2
  • UC4002 Inateck 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 3
UC4002 Inateck 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger
inateck uc4002 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 1st


Inateck Portable 30W 4-port USB Desktop Charger White

Fast and Reliable for External Battery

Works in a wide range of voltage and guaranteed fast recharging with 5V/1.5A:
10% faster than other standard chargers that only reach a speed of only 1A!
Charge four devices at the same time! 30W strong power ensures fast
charging of four devices - simultaneously!

inateck uc4002 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 2nd

The perfect companion for your Family

Our mobile USB charger is the best alternative to charge electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone, other cellphones and anything with USB charging mode!

inateck uc4002 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 3rd

Design meets Technology

Simple design for best functionality! Our charger has
an excellent solid structure against overload and
over-heating to ensure correct and safe operation
at all times. This all-in-one charger acts as a power
hub for you and your family during your vacation.

inateck uc4002 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 4th


inateck uc4002 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 5th

Support USB charging BC1.2

The device supports USB charging BC1.2 and is compatible with Apple, Samsung, LG,
HTC and many more renowned brands' products. Perfect for on the go: battery low?
Just plug it in and charge your device!

inateck uc4002 4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 6th


Compact charger for multiple devices. We use it for iphones, ipads, Kindles etc. Great for taking on holiday instead of multiple chargers. A bit slower for ipads than the ipad charger but quick enough. Can switch it off which probably saves a bit of electricity when not in use. The blue LED light did not work properly, which was probably a blessing!


Works as expected. The only problem is the power on light is really really bright, I use this in my bedroom and have to cover the light up at night.

Brightly each moment

The Product: A sculpted white 4-port usb charger, almost (see below) Apple-like in its simple functionality and appearance.The Pros: It's quiet in use, with no discernible hum. The transformer and charger unit are housed together in a single enclosure, and so the power cable doesn't have a separate box on it, cluttering up your floor or desk. It charges reliably, and while I haven't compared the speed against the supplied Apple charger, it recharged my iPad quickly enough for me to believe the 1.5A rating. Indeed it rescued my Nexus 4's battery, which seemed to have given up accepting charge from my standard phone chargers (Blackberry, and LG).The Cons: Someone with cartoon-villain cleverness decided that this charger needed something to mark it out as "special", a charger amongst chargers. Perhaps they were inspired by the legend of the Great Wall of China, or they took the idea of "Star Quality" too literally. We can only speculate. But whatever their motivation, they decided to make this the only charger clearly visible from outer space. How long it took them to develop an LED light this perfectly blue and bright I don't know. How hard it was to ensure that even once you tape over it, it still shines luminous beyond the rims of its USB sockets, directly through the white plastic, and gleams through the join, can only be guesses. Perhaps ones you will seize upon as you lie awake in a hotel room, with every corner lit up in neon blue, long after the TV has gone to sleep.I'll try to take it apart and disconnect the LED later, but the enclosure looks like it's been bonded, so for the price, and hassle, I expect I will probably end up buying another brand.So, a five star product, dropped two stars for the invasiveness of the LED.


The critical term in the description is 5Amp rather than just the 4 ports. The heavy output means that I am using a Samsung Galaxy while nephew is using an ipad and charging his iphone and we are listening to music via bluetooth speakers. And using the items takes more power than just charging the items so we have a winner here.Having surge and overload protection built in means no worries about leaving things on overnight. The AC cable is provided and is a reasonable length so you are ready to go within seconds of opening the box..


This review is for the Inateck USB charger UC4002 4 port model, which I was sent to test and review. I am very pleased with this unit. I have now set it up as a permanent base for charging my devices when I'm at home and have my iPad, kindle and iPhone chargers ready next to it. This is useful as previously I was charging them in different places and constantly mislaying them and I am now far more organised. As others have mentioned the blue light which lets you know that it is charging is extremely bright, which could be a disadvantage if you were charging overnight in your bedroom. Since I have it by my desk it's fine and is a reminder to switch off the unit when not required. It has 4x 5V/1.5A Charging Ports, Output: 5V/ 1.5A, 30W which is less than optimal for the iPad, as another reviewer has pointed out, but it still charges, just not as quickly as with its dedicated charger. I have been using this unit almost daily for about two months now and am pleased with it in operation as it does not get over heated and has neatened up my desk. Recommended

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