4-Port 30W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger

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Score : 4.6   ( 25 Customer Reviews )
  • Weight120g
  • Size100x105x30mm
  • Interface4x 5V/1.5A charging ports
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Inateck Portable 30W 4-port USB Desktop Charger White

Fast and Reliable for External Battery

Works in a wide range of voltage and guaranteed fast recharging with 5V/1.5A:
10% faster than other standard chargers that only reach a speed of only 1A!
Charge four devices at the same time! 30W strong power ensures fast
charging of four devices - simultaneously!

The perfect companion for your Family

Our mobile USB charger is the best alternative to charge electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone, other cellphones and anything with USB charging mode!

Design meets Technology

Simple design for best functionality! Our charger has
an excellent solid structure against overload and
over-heating to ensure correct and safe operation
at all times. This all-in-one charger acts as a power
hub for you and your family during your vacation.


Support USB charging BC1.2

The device supports USB charging BC1.2 and is compatible with Apple, Samsung, LG,
HTC and many more renowned brands' products. Perfect for on the go: battery low?
Just plug it in and charge your device!

Amazon Customer

Note the maker sent me a review sample, no attempt was made to influence my opinion of the product.

This desktop charger is compact enough size wise roughly 10cm x 10cm and just over 3cm thick it's easy to tuck away under the desk or on it. You can lay it on either side horizontal or vertical.

Unlike a lot of other USB chargers I've used this one is "smart" (as the maker states it adjusts charging output via a built in circuit, and includes the usual over voltage and short circuit protection), so all 4 ports function the same, giving a max of 6 amps output in total. However spread out over 4 ports this makes each port a max of 1.5 amps output, which is above the normal USB spec of around 1 amp, but below some other chargers which have and output of just over 2 amps.

You get a white figure of 8 cable included, and turning it on is simply a switch at the back of the unit near the power cable input.
Real world charging a few tablets, certainly acceptable enough speed wise (no question quicker than the normal 1 amp USB ports), though somewhat less than some of the fast USB charging ports I've used before, not enough difference to have sleepless nights over, but it's worth a mention that the output is a bit less here (though you do get 4 ports with somewhat higher output over most charging docks many of which have only one higher output USB connection)

The unit is nicely made with dense plastics and feels solid enough in use, ports are firm with no signs of movement, so no complaints on construction quality. There is one minor annoyance, and that's when powered on the blue "LED" is a bit on the strong side and could prove distracting depending on where you place it, if you put it on your desk it could annoy you (it did me it really is very bright I'd tape over it myself to cut the light down) A more discrete location or a much smaller LED would have been preferred here, you certainly wont forget if you have it turned on though!

In other ways it's does the job well enough and is more than satisfactory performance wise, though I'd like one port with a higher output it does just fine for the job that's asked of it.

Amazon Customer

The manufacturer provided the 4 USB charging port for review and is as far as I am aware identical to the retail version.

As almost all gadgets now have a USB charging cable, there is a growing need to charge multiple devices from one 3 pin UK plug. This one fits the bill nicely. It comes packaged together with a simple 3 pin plug and cable that fits directly into the USB charging hub unlike it's 5 port brother which requires a heavy power adaptor. There is a simple on/off switch at the rear of the device and a single blue LED lights up at the front to indicate power. Although it is reasonably small, there are more compact 3 pin chargers that don't have cables however this one is designed to allow you sit the hub on your desk and charge your devices without having to go directly to the socket. This in mind, it would have been nice if the hub had rubber feet to stop it sliding around on the desk or even worse, fall behind the desk where it is hard to retrieve which happened to me. However you can of course either blue-tack it or buy rubber feet that you can stick on (i did the latter). The charger happily charged my Ipad retina, Ipad mini and my iphone 5 and bluetooth speaker reasonably happily.

Amazon Customer

The critical term in the description is 5Amp rather than just the 4 ports. The heavy output means that I am using a Samsung Galaxy while nephew is using an ipad and charging his iphone and we are listening to music via bluetooth speakers. And using the items takes more power than just charging the items so we have a winner here.Having surge and overload protection built in means no worries about leving things on overnight.
The AC cable is provided and is a reasonable length so you are ready to go within seconds of opening the box..

Amazon Customer

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by 'Inateckï½®' for an honest and unbiased review.

Size tested: 4-Port USB Charger

What is it and what does it do?:
This product is a 4 port USB charger that is powered by the mains electricity and has the ability to charge between 1 and 4 USB compatible devices at the same time.

- USB Desktop Charger
- AC Power Cord
- Instruction Manual
- Returns and Exchanges booklet

Compatible with (Examples):
- iPads
- iPhones
- MP3/MP4
- Digital Camera

The instructions are very clear and concise which enabled me to follow the visual and written instructions without any issues and set up the product in a few minutes with minimal effort.

During the unpacking process it was evident that the product was made of high quality material that is fit for purpose. It's well built, elegant and is shiny white in colour. It's relatively small size (about the size of your hand) enables it to be placed in a given area without taking up much room.

With 4 different ports to choose from there is ample room for all the devices you have. The distance between each USB port is adequate for most devices. The cable that come with it is sufficiently long to reach most power mains.

After connecting 4 different devices to the USB Charger (iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, Digital Camera and iPod), the USB charger initiated charging with immediate effect. The product enabled me to charge my devices and operate them to the required standard as if they were connected directly to the mains. After the charging of all the devices was complete, the USB Charger did not overheat or cause any connection / loss of power whilst in operation.

In addition to the 'Standard Charging' the product has addition features which would be advantageous to the user: It has an intelligent design that will detect each device as a separate entity and self adjust the power output to match that of the device. Not only will this charge each device more efficiently but it will save you money on your electricity bill. There is also a surge protector inside the product that protects the USB charger, devices and data from any dangers of mains surges and lightening events.

The product performed all tasks to the required standard and I did not encounter any problems whilst using the product.

Highly Recommended - 10/10

Amazon Customer

The great thing about this device is its looks. Unlike many of its contemporaries, it looks like something you'd be glad to be seen standing atop your desk. It looks good and works well, charging up to four devices with the minimum of fuss.

It's not perfect though. The blue LED on the front is too bright. Way too bright. It's like the sun: look at it through binoculars and you'll be blinded (okay, that's an exaggeration, but you get the picture). The power cable is too short. I couldn't place the charger where I wanted to on my desk because the cable didn't have a chance of reaching that far. Lastly, none of the USB ports provide more than 1.5A of juicing power. This means that a device with a higher power requirement, such as an iPad (which needs 2.1A) will charge, but not at the full speed accomplished by its dedicated charger.

Despite these things, I like this device, mainly due to its aesthetics. It works fine and looks fine while doing it.

(NB: This product was supplied free of charge for review.)

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