5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger

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Score : 4.9   ( 30 Customer Reviews )
  • Interface3x 5V/1A charging ports; 2x 5V/2.1A USB charging ports intelligent charge
  • Weight80g
  • Size102x57x21mm
  • 1Port
  • 2Port
  • 4Port
  • 5Port
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Inateck Portable 35W 5-port USB Desktop Charger Black

Fast and Reliable for External Battery

Works in a wide range of voltage, external power supply guarantees fast recharging
with 2 ports reaching a 5V and 2A output and three
provide 5V and 1A output!
Charge multiple devices at the same time!

The Ideal Power Charger For
Technology Fans

This 5-port desktop power charger is the best alternative to charge electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone, gaming controller, camera and anything with USB charging mode!

Design meets Technology

Simple and slim design for best functionality! The small size
power station saves space on the desktop. Our charger
has an excellent solid structure against overload
and over-heating to ensure correct and safe
operation at all times. The small size
saves space on the desktop!


Smart IC Chip

The smart IC chip is compatible with Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and many more renowned brands' products. Perfect for on the go: battery low? Just plug it in and charge your device!

Amazon Customer

It seems like everything I buy these days needs to be charged via a USB cable ... and the little chargers always sit funny on my outlet or surge protector ... meaning they take up MORE room than a simple plug would take.

That was the very first thing I noticed about this - it uses a standard two-prong plug. Fits the tiniest spot easily!

The second notable thing is that it has TWO 2.1 chargers and THREE 1.0 chargers. It was nice to be able to test this right away using all of the ports.

I plugged the first three with my Kindle, a USB light, and a battery - all using micro adapters. Then I used the first 2.1 to charge my Black Diamond Speaker which uses a mini adapter. All was going well, so I tried out the big one - my iPad. I plugged it in and it instantly began charging.

Since this is the heaviest power user, I watched it closely and am pleased to report that it charged rapidly.

After an hour, I checked on all of my devices as well as this charger which was sitting on my bed. I immediately noticed a hot spot and checked it out. Sure enough, one of my cords (which lit up when I plugged it in) was hotter than the others. I unplugged it, and was quickly able to determine that it, and not the wall charger, was the source of the heat.

I would NOT leave the adapter where it connects in a closed location, since those generally produce heat, but I wanted to check this part out - and it passed with flying colors. I will be using it on my desk, not my bed, but I use the "bed test" to do a quick check for heat accumulation.

The power supply was adequate to charge all five devices at the same time - without slowing down. AND it didn't get hot where it connected. Practical and useful.

I am grateful to have received a complimentary sample of the USA version to test for my review - which is why I went the extra steps to make sure it worked as advertised. It did, and I am grateful.

Edited - the other day I was attempting to charge something and it wouldn't charge! Not the tiniest electron. I checked to make sure the item was plugged safely in the wall. It was. I was ready to come back and change my rating to one star when I remembered something - the on off switch. Sure enough, it was off. I switched it on and ... instant power.

So I have now confirmed that the on off switch works as well, although my intelligence is sometimes less than 100%.

Amazon Customer

If you're looking to be able to charge up to five USB gadgets up all at the same time, you need one of these hubs.

In the box you get-

- The five USB port hub. Size - 4 x 2.25 x 0.75 inches. 2.1 Amp x 2 and 1 Amp x 3 ports.
- DC power cable 8 feet long
- Instruction booklet

There are no USB cables with this hub or storage pouch.

Three of the ports in this are 1 Amp and the other two are 2.1 Amps for more powerful/quicker charging. all ports are labelled up accordingly across the top of the unit.

The unit is very light at around 100g and small at 4 inches long and very portable. It has an on/off power button and an LED indicator to show charging. It is made from durable plastic and has a good build quality,

In use -

You can charge up to five devices simultaneously if need be.

The devices I tried with this power bank -

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Ipad 4
Kindle Fire
Samsung Galaxy Y
Sansa Clip mp3 player
HTC Desire HD
A bluetooth speaker
Bluetooth headphones
GPS unit

All were charged spot on with no problems. Pretty straightforward. The hub does get warm when fully loaded of course. This hub acts as a power surge protector for your connected devices detecting over current/charge.

This hub was kindly provided by the manufacturer for me to test and review.


Robert Sheppard

I received this free to test and review.
I have a number of chargers which have multiple outputs this however is the first that I have had that will deliver the full power to the outputs. It has two 2A ones and three 1A ones.
It has some clever circuitry inside to deliver the correct current but for me the most important thing is that it will actually deliver the maximum rated current.
Although quite a dinky well-made device 102 x 57 x 21mm well-made from ABS device the 12 volt power unit is quite a substantial brick.
It has a detachable standard mains lead for the power unit, the 13A plug is marked “unbreakable” and while I am not sure I believe that it is a welcome addition as I am always dropping and breaking plugs. I also like the fact that the mains lead can be replaced if needed as it is one of the components that I often find gives problems and it is more difficult to replace when the unit is not intended to be serviceable.
In summary a nice well thought out device.

Amazon Customer

Living in a house where there are normally multiple items needing charged at the same? Then the Inateck 5-port compact desktop USB charger is the device for you.
Long gone are the days when we just used to need 2 USB ports to charge our phones. In my house there is a Camera, iPad, Video Camera and Bluetooth Speakers.
This Inateck is very simple to use. Just plug into the mains, then plug the adapter into the back of the charger and you're ready to go.
I charged an iPhone, HTC Desire HD phone and a Video Camera all at the same time by simply plugging the USB cables into the slots on the front of the charger and pressing the on/off button. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the time I started charging but all 3 devices were fully charged within 30 minutes. Very impressive!
This charger would be very handy pre-holiday when you're running about trying to get bags packed and have all your devices scattered over the house charging, instead have them all in the one place with no chance of forgetting any of them!

Amazon Customer

Length:: 2:15 Mins

Script from the video:

What on earth is going on here!

Just about every portable electronic device with a rechargeable battery that's smaller than a laptop uses a USB port and cable to charge these days.

That means you've probably hovered up quite a few devices that you're charging around the house with different USB charging plugs. Well this tiny, lightweight device is the Inateck 5 way USB Desktop charger and its mission is to combine all your home charging needs into a single box.

Now when I say this thing is small and light I really do mean it. It weighs just 80g and is no larger than an iPhone.

On the back side of the device is the on/off switch and when you press that a blue light will illuminate to tell you the charger is running.

As said there are five charging ports, two of them labelled as super charging ports which basically means you should plug your tablets and more power hungry devices into them.

So as a stress test I plugged in the following all at once: a Cheero Power Plus 10000 mah battery, a Cheero Mini Power Plus 6000mah battery, a Bluetooth speaker, my Nexus 7 2013 and my Samsung Galaxy S4.

And the result is, well, complete desktop carnage, but the Inateck usb hub didn't complain at all and charged the devices efficiently and quickly.

So why does this great little gadget come in such a big box? Well that's the caveat. The Inatech desktop charging hub comes with a huge ball and chain. Yes the USB hub is very small and compact, but attached to it is a power brick the size of which you expect to find with a laptop and the extension lead to plug it into the wall.

That compromise aside, at ï½£16 this is the perfect solution to bringing all you charging ports into one small hub station.

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