Inateck 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger

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  • Interface3 x 5V / 1A charging ports; 2 x 5V / 2.1A USB charging ports intelligent charge
  • Weight67g / 2.36oz
  • Size120 x 57 x 21mm / 4.72 x 2.24 x 0.83in
  • 1Port
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  • 5Port
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  • UC5001 Inateck 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 0
  • UC5001 Inateck 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 1
  • UC5001 Inateck 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 2
  • UC5001 Inateck 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 3
UC5001 Inateck 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger
Inateck UC 5001 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 1st


Inateck Portable 35W 5-port USB Desktop Charger Black

Fast and Reliable for External Battery

Works in a wide range of voltage, external power supply guarantees fast recharging
with 2 ports reaching a 5V and 2A output and three
provide 5V and 1A output!
Charge multiple devices at the same time!

Inateck UC 5001 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 2nd

The Ideal Power Charger For
Technology Fans

This 5-port desktop power charger is the best alternative to charge electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone, gaming controller, camera and anything with USB charging mode!

Inateck UC 5001 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 3rd

Inateck UC 5001 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 4th

Design meets Technology

Simple and slim design for best functionality! The small size
power station saves space on the desktop. Our charger
has an excellent solid structure against overload
and over-heating to ensure correct and safe
operation at all times. The small size
saves space on the desktop!


Inateck UC 5001 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 5th

Smart IC Chip

The smart IC chip is compatible with Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and many more renowned brands' products. Perfect for on the go: battery low? Just plug it in and charge your device!

Inateck UC 5001 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 6th

Amazon Customer

A five port charger is very convenient. This one has two high current ports (~2 amps, but be sure that you get the USB cables that support high current!), which are almost a necessity for most of today's devices (Kindle Fire, smart phone, etc.); it's a shame that they didn't make all ports high current.However, it's very useful and it was at a good price. I have only been using it for a month or two, but have had no problems.


In terms of functionality, I haven't had it malfunction in any way etc, but the design is very poor when it comes to the on/off button for the device. For my application, I need to unplug the unit regularly and each time I plug it back in I am required to press the on button. All the designers would have needed to do is use a push button, slider or any button with some type of memory for your current on/off setting so that you don't have to press the button each time the device is unplugged and plugged back in. I just don't understand how that wasn't considered. Anyway, that's the reason I gave it 3 stars. Maybe this review can help someone else before making the purchase if this would be a concern for you. Cheers.


I must say that I was really excited about this product as I was looking forward to using it with the family when travelling. However, I was quite disappointed by the size of the power brick which is almost the same size as the device. To be fair to the company, that was shown in the pictures, I just didn't realize the size of it. Though the product works fine, there are many other products with the same number of ports and power and a power brick is not required.That's the main reason for the 3 stars is that the product works as expected, but does not stand out and I believe other options with a portability advantage exists in the same price range. Now if the company has a replacement for the power brick and changed the product to remove the power brick, then that would change things as it is right up there with other products, provides the same benefits and does not have the disadvantage of the power brick.I hope this review helps!

Stephen Morrison Lewis

This USB charger is compact and useful. Its two high-speed ports charge faster than previous units I've owned with "high-speed" ports, meaning I can actually charge my phone with an extended battery in around 4 hours--about 2 from toughly 50% charge.The only charging problem I've run into is a few devices seem to need to use the high speed ports to charge at all, namely my Playstation Vita. This has never been an issue with previous chargers, even using a hub powered off a USB port only. While not a deal breaker, I couldn't give it a perfect score. Additionally, the unit defaults to "off," meaning that if the power goes out your devices might not properly charge. Maybe this was an intentional design choice, but I can't see how it would be beneficial. I considered knocking an additional star off the rating, but it is still a good little charger and I don't lose power that often.

Sheri Gerrard

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