5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger

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Score : 5.0   ( 7 Customer Reviews )
  • Interface3 x 5V / 1A charging ports; 2 x 5V / 2.1A USB charging ports intelligent charge
  • Weight67g / 2.36oz
  • Size120 x 57 x 21mm / 4.72 x 2.24 x 0.83in
  • 1Port
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  • UC5001 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger 1
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UC5001 5-Port 35W USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger
Ultra slim Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth 4.0


Inateck Portable 35W 5-port USB Desktop Charger Black

Fast and Reliable for External Battery

Works in a wide range of voltage, external power supply guarantees fast recharging
with 2 ports reaching a 5V and 2A output and three
provide 5V and 1A output!
Charge multiple devices at the same time!

The Ideal Power Charger For
Technology Fans

This 5-port desktop power charger is the best alternative to charge electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone, gaming controller, camera and anything with USB charging mode!

Design meets Technology

Simple and slim design for best functionality! The small size
power station saves space on the desktop. Our charger
has an excellent solid structure against overload
and over-heating to ensure correct and safe
operation at all times. The small size
saves space on the desktop!


Smart IC Chip

The smart IC chip is compatible with Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and many more renowned brands' products. Perfect for on the go: battery low? Just plug it in and charge your device!

R. Gupta

Length:: 5:34 MinsHere are some of the mAh charging requirements for common devices:* iPhone 4 battery 1,420 mAh battery capacity* iPhone 4S battery 1,432 mAh battery capacity* iPad 2 battery 6,944 mAh battery capacity* iPad 3 battery 11,560 mAh battery capacity* Kindle Fire battery 4400 mAh capacity* Kindle Keyboard battery 1750 mAh capacity* iPhone 5 is 3.8 VDC at 5.45 Wh = 1434 mAh battery* iPad 4 battery is 11,486 mAh 3.7 VDC at 42.5 Wh* iPad Mini battery is 4490 mAh at 3.72 VDC 16.7 Wh* Nook HD+ battery is 6,000 mAh capacity* Dell venue 8 Pro is 4,830mAh capacity* IPAD mini retina is 6,471 mAh capacity* IPAD Air is 8600 mAh capacitySPECS:WHAT'S IN THE BOX:1x Inateck 5-Port USB charger1x 12V, 3A Power Adapter1x ManualI was able to charge below in different combinations and didn't notice any issues:* Kindle Fire* iPad Air* iPad 3* iPad Mini* Nexus 7 (2nd generation)* iPhone 5* Nokia 521* Samsung galaxy rush* T-Mobile 4G HotspotI have noticed below advantages with this charger:-5V/7A of total output power to the USB's-5 USB ports (5 USB ports share the 7 amps of output power)- 2 fast recharging ports are 2.1A output and 3 other ports are at 1A output-The USB supports automatic recognition of current and adjust voltage to be used for charging.-Small and portable (size of a deck of card)-Uses a power cord that allows the user to put the wall charger to a desired location-Great for international use by using AC 100-240v input voltage-Has overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and short circuits protection-Can charge IPAD and other tablets at 2.1 amps each(mx 2 tablets or IPAD).-Works with all USB chargeable phones, tablets and other USB chargeable devices-No annoying LED status light-Ideal for a family/person who has many tablets and smartphones (I have an iPad 3, iPhone 5, Nokia 521 and Samsung galaxy that works great with this wall charger)-Well designed-Very high quality construction-The smart IC chip is compatible with Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and other brands products to keep device safe.Overall this desktop charging unit looks beautiful & stable. This unit also features an on/off switch, a blue indicator light displays when unit is switched on.I have received sample for review

Brad Snyder

This is a great desktop charger to keep all of your devices charging in one central location. I also like how convenient it is that is sits on your desk or counter. It's very rugged and has plenty of power to charge all your devices including tablets. It's also compact enough to take it traveling with you. Overall, it's a great product and comes in very handy. I would highly recommend buying this charger. As a disclaimer, this product was sent out as a review unit.

Carmen Vicari "dg9tm"

After so many devices now be loaded via a USB cable in the household with smartphones, tablets, Power Banks, such as Universal Chargers this 5 port device be interesting.It not only saves a lot of sockets, it looks on the desk even neater. This model is approximately 10.3 x 2.1 x 5.4 cm quite small, but this applies only to the table part.The unit is supplied with an external power supply, which I find quite large, but you may well hide under the table. The cable is approximately 1.2 m quite long and the wall outlet you one more time about 1.1 m cable.The curvature it looks modern and elegant. It can be loaded in parallel three devices with one A and two units with the here-described supercharging. Since a maximum of 7.2 A are available in parallel, it must provide the terminals 2 to 2.1 A are available.All in all, the unit works smoothly and provides a bit of a tidy desk, because the multiple socket outlets is gone for the power supplies. In addition, now everything is loaded at one point and, because just was not any more free outlet, somewhere else, or you can simply parallel load, instead of waiting until another device is full.The device has on the back of a small A / shutdown button.Conclusion:A handy device for more charging order in orgies of the many electronic devices.

Mr. Greed's Gadgets

The Inateck UC5001 desktop USB charger is the third product that Inateck has sent me for review and this one, like all the others, does not disappoint. Inateck set out to create a small, efficient, easy way to charge five USB devices at the same time, and they have succeeded.The product comes with two cables, one serving as a power supply that connects the unit to the outlet and another shorter cable that would connect the hub itself to the included power supply box. The hub is has a lightweight, sleek, and simple design. The only issue could be portability since the power supply is a bit hefty, nothing too heavy or too big, but nowhere near as small and minimalistic as the hub itself.Before receiving this charger I would use a surge protector that had two built in USB plugs to charge my iPhone, Android, and camera. My iPad Mini and iPad Air would NOT charge with the standard 1A USB plug, and due to the amount of plugs, I couldn’t charge more than 2 devices at a time anyways. However, the Inateck UC5001 charges all five of my devices at the same time, quickly, and without getting the hub or the devices hot to the touch.Now onto the super charging vs regular charging. Two of the ports allow for Super Charging or Fast Charging at 2.1A As for the speed of the iPhone / iPad Mini charging I did not notice much of a difference in speed when it comes to charging in the normal vs super charging ports but I did notice that my iPad Air at low battery levels would charge without using the adapter and that is a huge plus for me and many others who require a separate plug to charge their Android / iOS tablet devices.Inateck has managed to fit all these great features into a device that is sold for $20. When you are competing against a variety of other companies who make the same or similar product you need to stick out. The small and simple design, coupled with the cheap price tag and Inateck’s long lasting products make this device a no brainer especially if you have a household with many devices that need to be charged.Before I received this product, I was a bit wary about the necessity and value of purchasing a separate charging hub for my devices but there are many benefits. The Inateck UC 5001 allows one to consolidate your cables and make more room on your desktop surface, allows all your devices to be charged under one surge protector, and most importantly allows the user to charge devices that require a dedicated power supply (iPad/other tablets) without the hassle of unplugging and plugging charging cables.The Inateck UC5001 is a great buy at $20, I give it a 5/5.If you have any questions feel free to ask.

James A. Thomason III "jimt3"

Works well, charges things quickly, and very handy to have along on travel.One important thing to be aware of - it has a monstrously huge power brick, which is actually slightly larger than the hub itself. So don't think that you'll be carrying around a hub about the size of a deck of cards, you're carrying more like 3 cards, at about 5x the weight. If I really wanted to travel really light, the brick would've been a deal breaker for me, despite it being a good hub otherwise.I've simultaneously charged my nexus 7, phone, and a spare battery I bring with me simultaneously w/o any issues at all.The brick is a nuisance for traveling light, but it's still worth carrying the hub with me. Still recommended, especially at the cheap price.

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