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Bluetooth Keyboard
Inateck Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra Slim Keyboard (Black)

4.85 5

Model: BK1003E

Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra Slim Keyboard

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Industry-Leading Ergonomic Design

This ultra slim mini Bluetooth keyboard with ultra-slim oozes style and matte black plastic front design meets the requirements of Ergonomics. The Apple-style Bluetooth keyboard promises the use in comfort and fashion. You may rest your wrist against the plush palm in a relaxed, natural angle with this Bluetooth keyboard’s ergonomic arc and reversed slope. The rounded corners, full-sized and well-spaced flat keycaps offer you a decent typing experience.

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Feel the Difference

Gloriously shiny brushed stainless steel underside brings a smile to your face. Four little rubber feet for stopping the keyboard from sliding makes it a good remote keyboard even for iPhone. A tiny sliding switch does the job for powering the device on and off. A green LED on the key blinks as the keyboard is connecting, and then glows solid blue to indicate an active connection has been made; which makes it simpler to connect this Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad, iPhone and other devices.

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Sleek on the Go and Power-packed

Curve-shaped and sleek design makes this wireless keyboard more portable but not bulky. The super-efficient built-in 200mA lithium battery enables it to work for up to 4 months in standby and 8 hours of continuous daily use without charging. Moreover, the sleep mode of this keyboard functions as the intelligent power management system of Apple Wireless Keyboard to save battery life. It sleeps after 10 minutes of inactivity and wakes up when any key is pressed.

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Type-on-anything Universal Keyboard

Not only an iPhone, iPad or Mac keyboard, the three key tiles labeled Android, Windows and iOS on the front side meaning that it is also compatible with most major platforms. It enables you to connect your phone, tablet and Bluetooth-enabled PC with different platforms to this single keyboard with solid results.

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H. C. write in

Have had this Bluetooth mini keyboard for a couple of months now. I'm using it several hours a day. The keys are well spaced out and easy to key. I found that I have to plug it in every day in order to keep its charge otherwise, in the middle of work, it will simply STOP and require to be plugged in. This can be frustrating. It would have been an excellent keyboard if it also has a wireless USB option. If I had to do it again, I would have opted for a USB wireless keyboard.


Five Stars

Sa Rang Woo write in

Work as advertised. Light and very portable.


Super high quality keyboard

SimmZ write in

Totally amazing quality Bluetooth keyboard. Extremely high quality construction with true stainless steel back side and very solid key mechanism. Extremely quiet keys. I especially enjoy the fact this keyboard is rechargeable so you'll never have to mess with disposable batteries anymore! Charging is done with standard Micro-USB port (cable included). The Bluetooth pairing is a snap with my Surface Pro 3 tablet/PC. Also work on MACs but keys layout are designed for Windows PCs. This is an amazing quality product and I recommend it as IT manager for 15 years ago. Sample received in exchange of an honest and professional opinion.


Greatest Bluetooth Keyboard I've Found.

JRC Dyer write in

I've purchased several Bluetooth keyboards to use with my Android tablet in the past, and they've all fallen short. Up until now, that is. This keyboard, by far, is the greatest Bluetooth keyboard I've found.Like many other people, I first went small and cheap, thinking 'it will do.' It doesn't do. Seriously. Don't waste money on a small keyboard, where the keys are squashed together and your hands have to be held together so tight that your fingers are bouncing over one another like bloated clowns escaping a blazing car.The Inateck Bluetooth Keyboard has found the "Goldilocks" zone of keyboard portability verses comfort-of-use. Its keys are spaced very naturally; typing on this keyboard feels just like you're typing on your desktop's. In fact, I've even started to take preference to my Inateck keyboard, over my desktop one, and that's 100% achievable because it's compatible with Windows and Mac, too.I suppose the downside to this keyboard is that it's a bit big to fit in your pocket, but if you're used to carrying around a tablet it won't make much of a difference. It's still easier than lugging around a large laptop.Finally, the battery! I really hate batteries. I hate changing them, I hate when they die and can't figure out how to dispose of them properly, and I hate having to buy more every other month—we went wireless everything why?! However, this keyboard comes with its own rechargeable battery, and that makes life so much easier. Unfortunately, as I've only had the keyboard for two weeks, I haven't had to charge it yet. I can say, though, that I have been using this keyboard (like right this very moment) for several hours each day, and the batteries are still running strong.In other words, you don't have to waste your money on those more expensive keyboards that force you to replace your batteries twice or more each year. Get this one, save money, and actually enjoy typing on your portable devices again.


Best bluetooth keyboard

Amazon Customer write in

Amazing keyboard. I wish I could find a 2.5ghz with usb dongle version of this exact keyboard so I could use it from the BIOS screen

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