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Why can’t I get a 10 Gbps or 20 Gbps bandwidth with Inateck Redcomets Series PCIe card?

This instruction is applicable to Inateck Redcomets Series PCIe card like U21 (KU5211).  1. Please contact the motherboard manufacturer and check the information below. a. Make sure that the PCIe interface protocol is PCIe 3.0 or above. b. Make sure that the lanes allocated to the PCIe interface are x4 or more.        Note that the lanes allocated to a PCIe x4 interface can be x2 or x1. c. The number of lanes on the motherboard is fixed. When multiple PCIe      interfaces are in use, the actual transmission speed for each interface will be lower than its theoretical value. Suppose that there are 16 lanes on a motherboard where there are two x16 PCIe interfaces that support...

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